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The Benefits of Giving Your Chimney a Chimney Cap

At the top of your chimney, it is important to ensure that a chimney cap is installed, for the benefits it provides. Although considered accessories, chimney caps are essential. You can choose a chimney cap that sits atop the flue pipe or you could beef up the protection of the vulnerable chimney system by installing a full-width chimney cap. Below, learn more about the benefits of installing a chimney cap on your chimney.

chimney cap replacement, montgomery txWhat is a Chimney Cap?

A chimney cap is basically a cover installed over the flue opening that will help keep the elements out of your chimney flue. Keeping rain, sleet, and snow from pouring down your chimney is crucial because moisture is the number one enemy of chimneys. Without a chimney cap, the rain pours down inside your chimney system and puts you at risk of needing extensive chimney repairs.

Benefits of Wire Mesh on a Chimney Cap

If you get a chimney cap with wire mesh, there are even more benefits. The mesh will prevent animals and birds from getting inside your chimney. Critters are often prone to seek the warmth of a chimney, and they can wreak all kinds of havoc. No one likely appreciates the benefits of a chimney cap more than someone who experienced the death of a creature inside their chimney flue, which creates a horrendous odor.

Leaves, branches, and other debris can also go inside of chimneys that don’t have a protective chimney cap with mesh. The debris can cause a dangerous obstruction that leads to a house fire. Debris in the chimney flue can also place lives in danger because the obstruction can send toxic fumes back inside the home instead of out of the chimney.

Another function served by wire mesh on a chimney cap is serving as a spark guard. Hot embers can exit chimneys and cause fires, but a wire mesh will typically prevent such embers from escaping.

full width chimney cap install in walker tx

Full-Width Chimney Caps

If you opt to get a full-width chimney cap, the benefits multiply. When chimney caps cover the entire chimney crown, they help even more with the battle against moisture intrusion. One of the most common ways that chimney leaks occur is through damaged chimney crowns. The cement-like part of the chimney at the very top is the chimney crown, and it is a component of the chimney that is prone to crack. If a cracked chimney crown is not repaired quickly, water can pour down into the chimney system, ultimately creating the necessity of a partial or complete chimney teardown and rebuild.

Prevent Downdrafts

Blasts of cold air gusting down the chimney into the home contribute to high energy costs. The efficiency of the fireplace is also diminished by downdrafts. Whether these powerful gusts of cold air occur because of weather or because of the flow of air on the rooftop, installing a chimney cap can put a stop to them.

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