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Can Chimneys Get Repaired in the Winter?

fireplace, liberty txCozy fires in a fireplace are something to look forward to in winter, but what if you’re late finding out chimney repairs are needed? You don’t want to miss out on a fire when it’s chilly outside, especially since truly cold temps can be rare in the Houston area. If you learn that you need chimney repairs at the brink of the wintry season, will you have to wait until the weather is warmer? Actually, it depends on whether you need masonry repair.

The Problem with Winter Repairs

There is a reason summer months are most ideal for making masonry repairs. The materials involved need to cure properly, and that doesn’t happen if the weather is too cold and wet. It’s not impossible to get chimney masonry repair in winter, especially in Texas, where some regions rarely get snow. For best results, however, masonry repairs should be done during warm weather.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to make winter chimney repairs work. New masonry materials are available that have been designed for use in wintry weather. Another issue that contributes to the challenge is that the masonry needs to be dry and warm for the work to stick. Nowadays, Masons are able to tarp around the work area needing repair to keep masonry drier and warmer. Heaters can also be deployed to ensure that the masonry and mortar are properly cured.

Roofing Considerations

If you also need roof repairs, experts typically recommend that homeowners make chimney repairs first and then roofing repairs. The reason is that a lot of potential wear to the roof occurs when making major chimney repairs. It just makes good sense to wait until all major foot traffic is completed before addressing issues with the roof.

chimney crown damage, houston TXThe Best Time for Chimney Repair

All things considered, spring is the best season for a chimney inspection. It allows for needed chimney repairs to be done in the summer months, which is the ideal time for optimal results. If masonry is being replaced, other steps involved often include chimney waterproofing, replacing the chimney flashing, repairing the chimney crown, and possibly installing a cricket, which diverts water from the chimney. Then, if roof repairs are needed, they can also be taken care of before the arrival of winter.

Winter-Friendly Chimney Repairs

There are some types of chimney work that are fine to perform in winter. If you need a chimney cap installed, winter installation is not usually a problem. If your chimney damper is no longer operating properly, keeping air from flowing through when it’s closed, that type of repair isn’t hindered by winter weather, either.

There is an exception to winter being fine for chimney repairs of any kind. Since most people tend to procrastinate and end up needing chimney repair services in winter, certified chimney sweeps like the experienced experts at Guardian Chimney Sweeps are typically at their busiest in fall and winter. Scheduling needed repairs at a time convenient to you is more difficult during the rush season.

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