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Common Chimney and Fireplace Problems

Looking forward to safely enjoying the warmth and one-of-a-kind ambiance crackling fires provide? If so, it’s essential to make certain there are no chimney and fireplace problems that affect functionality. Qualified chimney sweeps like the CSIA-certified technicians at Guardian Chimney Sweep can identify any existing issues.

Chimney Inspection, Conroe, TXChimneys are especially vulnerable to damage, and action may be necessary. The best thing to do is schedule a chimney inspection in spring or summer so that, as needed, repairs can be made before the arrival of winter’s chill. The following are among the common chimney and fireplace problems that could dampen your fireside plans.

Creosote Buildup

Wood-burning fires leave creosote deposits in the chimney flue. Creosote is a tar-like, flammable combustion byproduct that sticks to the sides of the flue as combustion fumes escape through the chimney. Unless chimney cleaning is scheduled routinely, creosote builds up one layer after another. Creosote creates hazards that endanger families, chiefly the two dangers that follow.


It is not unusual for a flue to be obstructed by creosote buildup. In other words, the chimney draft will be unable to work properly. The toxic fumes that are supposed to go outside enter the home instead. Carbon monoxide (CO) is potentially deadly, and it is among the toxic gases wood fires create.

Chimney Fires

Because of the flammability of creosote, chimney fires can easily be ignited by floating embers. All creosote that’s in the chimney liner can continually serve as fuel to any intense blaze that gets started. Chimney fires are extremely dangerous. They virtually always result in structural damage to the chimney flue. Other components of the chimney and the home itself could be damaged, as well–if not destroyed.

Gas Fireplace Failure

Gas fireplaces need annual maintenance, as strongly recommended by fire safety experts. Otherwise, there are various problems you could experience, from the inability to get a fire going at all to a gas leak. Chimney sweeps have the training and know-how to identify problems such as a damaged thermocouple, which is a safety feature. The thermocouple will only allow the gas to run when there is a fire in the gas fireplace. Pilot light problems are also common issues homeowners face, often just when the weather is finally just right for building cozy fireside memories.

Chimney Repair Magnolia, TXDamaged Chimney Masonry 

Exterior chimney masonry is highly vulnerable to damage, and moisture is the biggest culprit. Bricks are like sponges wanting to soak up moisture. The problem is that when water makes its way inside of bricks, it destroys them. During the freezing and thawing cycles of winter, the water expands and contracts. Such movement causes irreparable damage to the bricks, which must be replaced. Otherwise, the chimney will eventually lean and potentially collapse. Chimney masonry repair is needed for various components, such as the chimney crown and the mortar between the bricks. The metal flashing is also prone to damage that leads to moisture intrusion.

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