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Important Reasons Not to Ignore Your Chimney and Fireplace in the Summer

There are so many great possibilities for making the summertime count. Two of them can only be realized if you choose not to ignore your chimney and fireplace in the summer. Rarely does anyone plan warm fires in the home during the offseason. That’s okay because, instead, you can enjoy various benefits by cleaning and maintaining your fireplace and chimney when it’s warm outside.

Chimney Inspection Houston, TXCleaning for the Sake of Safety and Smells

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, creosote is deposited inside your chimney flue liner with each fire you light. The highly flammable, tar-like substance builds up layer upon layer. Creosote increases the risk of a chimney fire, and all chimney fires are potentially very dangerous, even life-threatening.

Some type of structural damage occurs with most chimney fires. Since creosote clings to the chimney liner, this suggests that any chimney fire could damage the liner. In itself, a liner that is not intact potentially endangers the home and its occupants. There is a risk of both deadly carbon monoxide (CO) exposure and out-of-control house fires when a chimney liner is damaged. A home can also have CO exposure if the creosote buildup creates an obstruction in the chimney flue. Blockage results in the combustion fumes going inside the home instead of up the chimney.

Stinky Smells

Another problem that can result from creosote buildup in your chimney is an unpleasant odor seeping into your home. A closed chimney damper is supposed to create an airtight seal that prevents airflow. Unfortunately, dampers are prone to warp, allowing an exchange of air from the home to the chimney and vice versa. If you begin to smell a sour odor or a burnt odor in your home, it is likely caused by creosote in the chimney.

Schedule Chimney Cleaning

To address safety issues and stinky odors, the solution is to schedule a chimney cleaning. Contact your local trusted chimney sweep to schedule chimney cleaning in summer, but also in spring, fall, and winter. In the Houston and Conroe TX areas, Guardian Chimney Sweep is the place to call. Because it is only easy to remove creosote in one of its three forms, calling a chimney expert for chimney cleaning is a must.

Schedule Maintenance to Cut Overall Costs

Chimney and fireplace maintenance is important to ensure the safe operation of your heating appliance. Chimneys are especially vulnerable to damage due to moisture intrusion, which can occur from several different entry points. No chimney sweep would be surprised to discover that a chimney system is in danger of moisture intrusion because there is deteriorating mortar, chimney cracks, or damage to the chimney crown, chimney cap, or metal flashing. Thanks to chimney inspections, many homeowners can address problems before they become expensive to repair issues. Any problems with the chimney should be identified as early as possible as a money-saving measure.

It costs less to get your chimney maintained and repaired in the summertime. This is especially true if masonry repair is required. Quite a bit of extra expense is necessary to make chimney masonry repairs in winter. Even then, the work done is not expected to be as durable as it would have been in summer because the material sets better in warm conditions. You can avoid missing opportunities to use your fireplace in cool weather if you schedule chimney maintenance and repairs in the summer.

Summertime Chimney Services Conroe, TXContact Guardian for Summertime Chimney Services

The summer is the best season to contact Guardian Chimney Sweep for chimney cleaning, chimney inspections, and chimney repairs. Things always get busier as soon as the weather shows signs of cooling off, even though it’s better if you take care of things in the summer. When it comes to fireplace and chimney services, procrastination doesn’t pay. For chimney services provided by our certified chimney professionals, fill out our contact form or call us at any of the numbers below today:

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