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How to Stop Summer Chimney Smells

The pleasant woodsy scents created by wood fires in winter are often replaced by stinky odors in the heat of summer. This is a common problem that often has homeowners wondering how to stop summer chimney smells, but there is a bright side. Those persistent smoky, musty, or downright putrid odors can serve as an important reminder! Fire safety experts recommend scheduling annual chimney inspections when fireplaces tend to be utterly forgotten. Contact Guardian Chimney Sweep because we have CSIA-certified experts experienced in “sniffing out” the source and stopping summer chimney odors.

Chimney Inspections Conroe, TXGet Rid of Creosote

Creosote deposits in chimneys just come naturally when you burn firewood. A tar-like substance, creosote is highly flammable. Each time you burn wood in the fireplace, more of this combustion byproduct is deposited in the chimney flue lining. Creosote builds up layer upon layer, potentially causing a range of problems. The threat of chimney fires, for example, is a real danger. Most chimney fires start when a spark ignites creosote in the flue liner. Unpleasantly smoky fumes that leak into the home can also be caused by creosote buildup.

To stop the smoky smell, annual chimney cleaning should be scheduled with professional chimney sweeps because creosote comes in three forms. Removing Level 1 creosote is fairly easy using professional chimney sweep brushes. Level 2 creosote is more challenging to remove, and special industry equipment is required. Level 3 creosote has the appearance of tar being poured down the chimney, and it is difficult–sometimes impossible–to remove. There are times when the most practical solution is to install a stainless-steel liner, which will cover the creosote and enhance safety.

Oust Animals

Birds, squirrels, raccoons, snakes, and other critters are attracted to chimneys for various reasons. Whatever the attraction, the resulting assault on your nose can range from bad to horrendous. Contact your trusted chimney sweeps about animals in your chimney, whether the little creatures are alive or dead. A dead animal in a state of decomposition and animal scat are toxic materials. Leave it to the experts to remove animals and their smells from your chimney. Installing a chimney cap with wire mesh is a good way to stop summer chimney smells from being a recurring crisis, whether caused by animals or the remaining potential reasons for chimney odors that follow.

Reject Rotting Debris

If a chimney cap has not been installed at the top of your flue pipe, tree branches and leaves could end up inside your chimney. Ultimately, rotting debris can translate into a stinky fireplace problem. Schedule chimney cleaning to stop summer chimney smells caused by debris from nature.

Block Out Moisture

Chimneys and moisture are a destructive combination, whether the moisture is on the outside or the inside of the structure. When moisture gets into the chimney flue, it can mix with creosote and ramp up a sooty smell. If rain falls into the chimney, metal components can rust, and the resulting humidity can heighten musty, rusty odors.

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No one wants to put up with a stinky fireplace and chimney. Give us a call at Guardian Chimney Sweep because we know how to stop summer chimney smells. Our chimney technicians specialize in all aspects of chimney maintenance and repair, including chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, masonry rebuilds, chimney cap installation, and chimney crown repair. Contact Guardian Chimney Sweep online or call today at any number below.

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