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Chimney Repair In Houston TX

chimney repair in Houston Texas

Houston homeowners rely on the chimney sweep experts at Guardian Chimney Sweeps for Chimney Repairs, Chimney Inspections, Chimney Masonry Rebuilds, and more. With us, customer satisfaction is a 100% guarantee and prompt, expert chimney sweep services are provided.

full width chimney cap install in Houston TXHouston Texas Custom Chimney Caps

A chimney cap is a must on every chimney because, without one, rain, sleet, and even snow can fall directly inside your chimney system. Moisture is a chimney’s Enemy Number One. At Guardian Chimney Sweeps, we recommend that our Houston TX customers consider the installation of custom chimney caps. In addition to being more aesthetically pleasing, custom chimney caps provide greater protection against the harsh outdoor elements and the continuous threat of moisture intrusion.

Flue Cover Caps

A basic chimney cap is also referred to as a flue cover cap. These types of chimney caps do the all-important job of keeping moisture out of Houston TX chimneys. A flue cover cap, as well as a custom chimney cap, actually provides additional benefits if it is complete with wire mesh. One advantage of the mesh is that if a hot ember floats up the chimney, it is far less likely to escape and cause a fire by landing on nearby combustibles. In essence, the mesh acts as a spark guard. Wire mesh on flue cover caps also keeps out debris and critters that could obstruct Houston TX chimneys. Various types of animals are known to gravitate toward warm chimneys in winter. It can be a huge hassle if a snake, squirrel, raccoon, or bird gets into your chimney, especially if it cannot get back out. Wild animals can be dangerous to deal with, and we highly recommend calling our Houston TX chimney sweep experts for help with an animal in your chimney and for flue cover cap installation.

Flashing Repair

Many Houston TX homeowners have contacted our chimney sweep professionals for flashing repair. Sometimes, a chimney leak is discovered first and then chimney experts discover that the source of the leak is the flashing. Metal chimney flashing is a leading cause of chimney leaks. Part of the reason for that is the fact that flashing is quite difficult to install correctly. Flashing repair should always be performed by a certified chimney sweep. Our CSIA-certified technicians at Guardian Chimney Sweeps have the training and experience to install flashing properly and make any repairs needed due to chimney leaks.

chimney liner install in Houston TXChimney Liners

Chimney liners, aka chimney flues, are critical components of the chimney because of the potential hazards related to deterioration. During chimney inspections, a special camera can be used to get a clear view of the entire chimney flue from top to bottom. If there is even the smallest crack in a chimney liner, the heating appliance should not be used again until the liner has been repaired or replaced. Major functions of the chimney liner include protecting combustibles in Houston TX homes from extreme temperatures and preventing occupants from being exposed to toxic fumes, including deadly carbon monoxide.


At Guardian Chimney Sweeps, we recommend waterproofing as a preventative strategy to keep moisture out of the chimney system. Our qualified chimney sweeps can perform waterproofing that could help protect your chimney from premature damage and decay. By scheduling waterproofing for your Houston TX chimney, you can count on experiencing the need for fewer chimney repairs than you would have without the protective treatment. Before waterproofing a chimney, a chimney expert must provide verification that there is not already moisture in the masonry.