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Get a Second Opinion on Chimney Repairs

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If your chimney is damaged or malfunctioning, your first step is to get it repaired. This may involve securing several estimates, particularly if you’re running a claim through your homeowner’s insurance.

Often, a first estimate will seem confusing – there are all these tasks listed and all these materials and prices. Sometimes, instinct will tell you that something’s not quite right. This is when it can pay you to get a second opinion on what actually needs to be done to restore your chimney to health.

Reasons for Getting a Second Opinion for Chimney Work

Guardian Chimney Sweep regularly provides our neighbors in the greater Houston area with qualified second opinions and estimates on chimney repair services. Second opinions can be valuable in several ways.


1. Original estimate is too high

A second opinion/estimate can help you put costs into perspective and alert you in a case where the first chimney company was unknowingly or purposely overcharging you.

2. Original estimate is too low

Inexperienced chimney companies and repair workers often charge way below the “market standard” simply because they know their skills aren’t top-flight.

3. Excess tasks included

An unscrupulous chimney repair company may “pad the estimate” by including more tasks than necessary. A second opinion can make you aware of this.

4. Important tasks overlooked

If the technician is not fully trained in chimney repair, he or she may overlook critical parts of a repair project and put your chimney and/or home at risk of serious damage.

When we provide you with a second estimate for chimney repairs – whether it’s for a homeowner’s insurance claim or a project you’re handling yourself – we’ll always tell you exactly why we disagree with a previous estimate. We want you to have all the facts, not just some of them.

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Experienced Chimney Repair

Should you choose to hire our team for your chimney repair work, you’ll be getting seasoned professionals who have undergone extensive training in chimney structural repair, venting systems and chimney safety.

We offer:

  • Masonry repair/brick work/tuckpointing
  • Chimney liner repair/replacement
  • Chimney waterproofing
  • Chimney crown, chimney cap and flashing repair and installation
  • Removal of acidic creosote from the flue
  • Leaky chimney repair
  • Partial & complete chimney rebuilding
  • Resolution of drafting and venting issues
  • Smoke shelf repair
  • Smoke chamber parging
  • Firebox repair
  • Fireplace damper repair/installation

3 Ways to Keep Your Chimney in Top Shape

Whether your homeowner’s insurance is paying for your chimney repairs or you’re paying out-of-pocket, neither scenario is as good as not having major repairs to deal with in the first place. Here are three ways
to accomplish this.

1. Have minor repairs done when needed: Never put off chimney repairs, even when they seem insignificant. No chimney issue is insignificant.

2. Schedule annual chimney cleaning: A yearly visit from our chimney sweep technicians will remove from your flue flammable creosote and debris that can cause smoke to draft sluggishly and back up into your home.

3. Have your chimney inspected once a year: A thorough chimney inspection will let you know of early signs of damage and malfunction so you can get the problems resolved quickly.

Guardian Chimney Sweep serves the entire Houston region with expert chimney cleaning, chimney repairs and chimney inspections. If you need a second opinion on any kind of chimney repair work, we’ll provide it with no cost or obligation. Just call at (713) 401-2011.