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College Station TX Chimney Repairs & Chimney Services
Crowns, Masonry Rebuild, Liners, Chimney Caps

The certified chimney experts at Guardian Chimney Sweep LLC have training and experience with chimney repairs including rebuilding, fixing leaky chimneys, masonry repair, masonry rebuild, flue liner repair and replacement, and chimney cap installation in College Station TX and neighboring cities such as Navasota TX, Livingston TX, Bryan TX, Lufkin TX, and Huntsville TX.

chimney repair college station chimney crownChimney masonry is durable, but it doesn’t last forever. When you need a chimney rebuild or chimney masonry repair, contact us at Guardian Chimney Sweep LLC. Our professionals deliver high-quality services, ensuring that work is done correctly the first time. Our experts have been providing quality workmanship for chimney repair services for more than 20 years. With Guardian’s experts, you can be sure that fireplace rebuilds will turn out beautifully and last for many years.

Customers often consider major masonry work to be an unexpected frustration. This is partly because the exterior of a chimney may appear sturdy but the interior could be damaged, usually due to moisture issues. You can rest assured that any masonry work will be done correctly so that the operation of your chimney is at its best. Our experts are also familiar with venting regulations, so that all work for College Station homeowners is done according to local requirements.

The professionals at Guardian are capable of a complete chimney rebuild and chimney repair, from the inside out. Your chimney will be restored to just-like-new condition.

College Station residents can talk with our masonry repair experts, confident that we can provide top-quality assistance for repairing crowns, tuckpointing mortar, installing chimney liners, rebuilding fireboxes, fixing leaky chimneys and repairing chimneys.

fix chimney leak college stationChimney mortar doesn’t last as long as masonry, and routine inspections should be made, since repair is sometimes needed.

A process called tuckpointing makes it possible to replace the damaged mortar while at the same time restoring masonry to its original condition, including like-new strength and stability. Replacing damaged mortar is one of the most important chimney repair services we perform in and around College Station. If the mortar isn’t replaced, moisture gets into masonry, eventually resulting in deterioration of the bricks or stones.

If your chimney is leaning or has begun to crumble, a chimney rebuild is needed without delay. One of the ways to avoid this type of situation is to ensure that your chimney crown is in good condition. The crown helps to keep moisture from getting into mortar and masonry.

chimney liner college station chimney repairAnother important reason to rely on our experts at Guardian is that we know to install the appropriate chimney liner for your firebox. By ensuring that the liner is a proper fit and properly installed, we help protect College Station homes from the dangers of cracked liners, which includes toxic gasses funneling into the home. Our professionals can do partial tear-down and rebuild of a chimney liner or replacement liners. Guardian chimney experts also rebuild fireboxes using new fire bricks and mortar resistant to high temperatures.

Guardian provides chimney masonry repair and masonry rebuild in College Station TX as well as Grimes County, Polk County, San Jacinto County, Trinity County, Angelina County, Brazos County, and more. Contact our office for all of your masonry repair needs.

Call our certified chimney professionals today for firebox or chimney repair in College Station. College Station TX Chimney Experts provide chimney repair solutions for leaky chimney, firebox rebuilding, liner installation, chimney masonry repair, and other chimney problems.

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