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Fireplace Inserts – College Station TX – Gas Logs – Stove Installations

Our certified chimney professionals at Guardian Chimney Sweep LLC install gas logs, wood and gas fireplace inserts, wood stoves and gas heating stoves for homeowners in College Station TX and surrounding towns, including Livingston TX, Huntsville TX, Bryan TX, Lufkin TX, and Navasota TX.

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Many College Station homeowners seeking a cost-effective heating solution that is also aesthetically appealing have discovered that free-standing stoves and EPA-approved fireplace inserts are ideal options. Stoves and inserts are available in styles to match any décor, and they are highly efficient heating appliances. You can choose to fuel your insert or stove with wood, gas, or pellets. Our certified chimney experts and home service specialists offer installation of gas logs, fireplace inserts, stoves and fireplaces for many major brands. They will be happy to visit your home and suggest the best solutions.



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College Station TX Gas Log Installation

Our chimney experts can install a convenient, easy-to-use gas log set, to give your worn out, inefficient fireplace a real makeover. There are many realistic choices of gas log sets. With our professional installation, you can enjoy your authentic-looking gas fireplace without the hassles associated with burning wood. We provide complete professional installation so that College Station homeowners can enjoy lower heating costs and warmth provided by their gas fireplace.

Fireplace Inserts Installed

A traditional masonry fireplace is very inefficient. Having a fireplace insert installed is an excellent upgrade that transforms the fireplace into an energy-efficient supplemental heat source for College Station homeowners. While 10% of the heat from a traditional fireplace goes into the home, the efficiency of fireplace inserts is as high as 80%. Having a wood, gas, or pellet insert installed is a great way to cut heating costs in winter.

add wood stove college station txWood Stove Installations in College Station TX

Wood stoves operate much like a furnace and also provide the much-loved ambiance of a fireplace. Modern EPA-approved wood stoves meet strict air quality standards, and they are highly efficient. Wood is a renewable resource, and a wood stove provides much more heat than a traditional fireplace while at the same time using one-third less firewood. Very few emissions are produced by newer wood stoves, which means that harmful byproducts are burned rather than being released into the environment. Wood stoves also produce less flammable creosote buildup than fireplaces, making them safer for College Station homes.

Pellet Stove Installations Too!

If you are looking for new ways to go green, a pellet insert is a great choice for you. Pellet inserts provide numerous benefits to College Station homeowners. The fuel for these appliances is made from wood waste, such as wood chips and sawdust, and it is stored in 40-pound bags. Products that are usually considered remnants at wood mills are highly compressed into efficient pellets that burn with near perfect combustion. The pellets are fed into the burn pot through a hopper. Pellet inserts are the most efficient type of insert, and they provide hands-free heat for up to 36 hours, depending on the size of the hopper.

College Station TX Chimney Company provides complete professional installation of fireplace inserts, heating stoves and gas logs plus chimney sweep services for business owners and local residents.

Contact our experts at Guardian Chimney Sweep LLC today for heating and fireplace needs, including installation of a new hearth appliance in College Station TX & Bryan TX.
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