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roof cleaning, professional roof cleaning, houston TX, Spring TX, The Woodlands TXHave you noticed black streaks and stains on your roof and wondered what is causing it or if it’s already time to replace your roof? These streaks and stains are caused by mold, mildew, and Gloeocpsa Magma, which are roof algae.

What was once believed to be a cosmetic issue actually leaves behind permanent damage if left alone. While black stains on your roof are unsightly, they bring along other concerns as well. These dark stains or streaks along your roof cause damage to the structure of your roof. The staining is caused by living organisms or algae that survive by feeding off of the materials that make up your roof. Hosting these organisms drastically reduces the life of your roof the longer they feast on your home.

roof cleaning, professional roof cleaning, houston TX, The Woodlands TX, Katy TXRoof algae are carried by wind, birds, squirrels, and other animals that have access to your roof. The mold, mildew, and roof algae thrive in warm, humid climates. Typically the algae will start off as blue or green and then turn black as it matures. This is not dirt or debris buildup, this is a living organism. As the algae grow on your roof, they eat away the base of the shingles and expand and contract with the outside temperature. This growth and movement loosens the granules, creating premature granule loss. The granule loss dramatically shortens the life of your roof, makes your roof absorb more heat, raises your energy bill, and decreases the value of your home. Having your roof cleaned will extend the life of your roof and increase the value of your home.

Not only do the dark streaks and spots look unsightly, they also absorb more heat which in turn creates more work for your air conditioner in the summer. Another concern is the effect on the respiratory system of those living in the home. The organisms living on the roof may increase the allergies of those who live there. These unsightly living organisms will lower the curb appeal of your home, increase utility bills, and eventually destroy your roof.

The roof algae are also prone to spreading between homes in close proximity. If you find that your home starts to develop the black streaks, the problem must be remedied quickly, before it spreads over to all of the homes on your street.

Different types of roofing may be affected by the mold differently:

Barrel Tile: Mold grows well on this surface, and the tile must be cleaned professionally. High pressure cleaning may destroy the surface of the tiles which will allow the mold to easily come back in full force.

Cedar Shake: This roofing material happens to be the most expensive and also the type of roof most commonly affected by mold and moss. When these organisms are growing on the roof they accumulate moisture and do not allow the wood to dry out adequately which will change the appearance of the cedar shake and also drastically shorten the life of the roof.

The life of the roof can be shortened by up to 50% and may make an expensive roof replacement the only option. A premature roof replacement is a costly repair that can be avoided by taking care to resolve any issues that may shorten the life of the roof.

roof cleaning, professional roof cleaning, houston texas, Conroe TX, Huntsville TX, Shepherd TXA roof is one of the most prominent and functional features of your home. This means that its upkeep is of the utmost importance. Black alga is a living organism that only gets worse as time goes on. It is important to take care of this problem before it does permanent damage to your roof. Once the black streaks have noticeably been on the roof, there may be irreversible damage done to the shingles. For this reason, a power washer may not be the best choice of roof cleaning techniques. The strong stream of water may enter the home or do more damage to the roof if it is not done correctly. Make sure you hire an experienced professional roof cleaning company such as Billy Little and his Guardian Chimney Sweeps crew. The roof algae feed on the limestone filler found in the roof shingles and grows steadily and will eventually cover the entire roof if left untreated.

If you notice unsightly black algae covering your roof, do not hesitate to call Guardian Chimney Sweeps to stop the problem before it causes irreversible damage. Our experienced professionals know how to stop the growth of more organisms and carefully wash it all away. To end this problem once and for all, call Guardian today.