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The Advantages of Installing a Solar Attic Fan

brand new solar attic fanKeeping your home cool during Texas’ hot summers can force your AC to work overtime. Adding a solar attic fan can make its job easier and reduce your energy costs.

Do you realize that your attic can get up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer? Even if you don’t use your attic, these uncomfortably high temperatures can affect you by increase the overall temperature of your home and forcing your AC to work even harder to keep your living spaces cool. Having a solar attic fan installed can solve this problem.

A solar attic fan or solar attic vent brings the temperature down by pushing out hot air and moisture that have risen to the attic and pulling in cooler air. Since it’s powered by the sun instead of electricity, it can run continuously without increasing your energy bill. It will work hardest during the day when the sun is the hottest.

Reducing your energy costs and keeping your attic cooler aren’t the only benefits of investing in a solar attic fan. There are 3 other advantages to having a solar attic fan or solar attic vent:

• It Protects the Roof

Condensation from cooking, washing the dishes, and taking a shower can collect in the attic. The accumulation of this moisture, especially in a hot, vent-less attic, can cause wooden beams and roof sheathing to rot. Installing a solar fan or vent will prevent damage to your roof and structural beams by driving the moisture out through improved air circulation.

• It Prevents Mold

Dark, warm places where moisture accumulates are breeding grounds for mold. This is why mold commonly grows in attics. Installing a solar attic fan can also prevent mold from growing eliminating the health risk of toxic mold and ensuring that your keep sakes in the attic will be preserved.

• You May Qualify for an Extra Tax Credit

energy efficient solar attic fanChoosing to invest in an attic fan that runs on clean, sustainable energy isn’t just environmentally friendly, it’s fiscally smart. Along with all the money you will save from smaller energy bills, you may also be able to take advantage of a 30% credit from the U.S. government on the cost of installation. We are happy to help our customers find additional incentives so that they get the best deal.

If you come to Guardian for your solar attic fan, you will find high-quality, low maintenance fans because we believe that home investments should last. The noise-free fans that we offer can cool up to 2,300 square feet and are available in three colors: gray, black and brown. Unlike other roofing projects that can be stressful, expensive and dangerous, a solar attic fan or vent can be installed quickly and easily by a solar professional. Our experienced team of solar professionals can usually install a new solar attic fan or vent in under an hour. Along with the lifetime manufacture warranty, we offer a 2-year warranty for the installation. If you live in the Houston area, give us a call to safeguard your home and reducing your energy costs with a solar attic fan!