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chimney sweep and repair in conroe tx

Guardian Chimney Sweeps provides Chimney Sweep Services, Chimney Repairs, and so much more to homeowners in Conroe TX, nearby Willis TX, and throughout the entire Greater Houston Area. With our prompt professional services, we are dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction.


Conroe TX Leaky Chimney

Chimney leaks can occur for many different reasons, including no chimney cap, a damaged chimney crown, faulty flashing installation, and the complete lack of a chimney liner—though chimney liners have been mandated in new construction since the 1940s. Leaky chimneys in Conroe TX are common issues addressed by our certified chimney professionals at Guardian Chimney Sweeps.

chimney leaking in conroe tx


Chimney Inspection

All leading fire safety experts agree that every homeowner with a fireplace or heating stove should schedule annual chimney inspections. It is often only during a Level 2 chimney inspection that chimney liner damage is discovered. Hazards caused by damaged liners include exposure to deadly toxic gases and chimney fires that lead to life-threatening house fires. In Conroe TX, no heating appliance connected to a damaged chimney liner should be used until there has been chimney liner repair or replacement.

conroe texas chimney inspection


Chimney Sweep & Cleaning

Our chimney sweep services in Conroe TX include chimney cleaning, which is important for home safety. Chimney cleaning should always be performed using effective tools of the trade. Dangerous house fires occur every year as a result of dirty chimneys. Annual chimney cleaning by chimney experts is recommended by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA).

chimney cleaning in conroe tx


chimney liner repair in conroe txConroe TX Chimney Repairs - Chimney Cap, Chimney Liner & Chimney Crowns

Chimney Liner repair is often impractical because most homes are built with clay tile chimney liners. Partial tear-down and rebuild of chimneys is necessary every time clay tiles in a liner are repaired. For these reasons and more, stainless steel chimney liner replacements are most often recommended by chimney professionals.

Guardian Chimney Sweeps offers installation and repair of Outside Mount Custom Chimney Caps. These caps may be referred to accessories, but for the benefits they provide, outside mount custom chimney caps seem more like essential chimney components. The many benefits of chimney caps include keeping moisture and animals out of the chimney. Repair and installation of Chimney Flue Caps is also available. Flue caps are similar to outside mount custom chimney caps, but chimney flue caps provide less protection from moisture and the elements.

Cement Chimney Crown Repair is often needed in Conroe TX because chimney crowns are prone to deteriorate and yet they have the important function of keeping moisture out of the chimney masonry system.

When chimney mortar begins to deteriorate, if the problem is caught early, Tuckpointing is a cost-saving solution. With tuckpointing, old mortar is removed and new mortar is added. If the mortar is not replaced in time, the masonry will be exposed to moisture damage. After that, only a masonry rebuild can fix the problem.

Flashing Repair is another type of chimney service often needed in Conroe TX. Flashing is the metal part of the chimney, and it is prone to rust and leak.

Chimney Waterproofing is a recommended strategy for minimizing the amount of chimney repair that will be needed. Moisture causes most chimney problems. Chimney sealant aka waterproofing adds an additional layer of protection to keep moisture out.

When Chimney Rebuilding is needed, it is important to hire a chimney expert who specializes in masonry work, as well, like the qualified technicians at Guardian Chimney Sweeps.

Masonry Repair is often needed among Conroe TX homeowners, and we offer trusted masonry repair services.

gas log install in Conroe TXGas Log Set Installation

We offer Conroe TX homeowners gas log set installation starting at $625*. Most masonry wood-burning fireplaces can be converted for gas log sets. The convenience of gas fireplaces has made them increasingly popular.

*Call now, limited supply available.

Home Services

The Home Services in Conroe TX we offer include Air Duct Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning, Roofing, Roof Cleaning, Blown-In Insulation, Solar Panel Cleaning, and Solar Attic Fans.

If you need chimney repair services, a chimney inspection, chimney cleaning, chimney maintenance, a masonry rebuild, or any of our home services in Conroe TX, contact Guardian Chimney Sweeps today at (936) 271-9781 in Conroe, (713) 401-2011 in Houston, or Toll-Free at  (888) 306-6069.