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Solar Attic Vents – Solar Attic Fan – Houston TX

solar attic vent, solar panel cleaning, houston TX, The Woodlands TX, Aldine TXSolar Attic vents are simple and sensible. With environmentally friendly qualities and real cost saving results, a solar attic vent is a great way to reduce energy bills while also protecting your home. And the costs are covered by Mother Nature! These fans are run exclusively on the free power of the sun and are perfect for use during the hot Houston summers. Our versatile solar attic vents are powerful, quiet, and economical.

A solar attic vent is a valuable addition to your home because it keeps the temperatures in your home down and saves you money on utility bills. The vent’s job is to pull the hot air and moisture out of the attic space and promote air circulation in this area so that it keeps the attic cooler, bringing the attic temperature closer to the outside temperature. This will in turn reduce heat entering your home and lower the cooling costs. Our solar attic vents are durable and high quality and are designed to perform with little or no maintenance. With our guaranties lasting 25 years to a lifetime, these systems promise results you and your children will love.

Virtually No Operating Costs

During the summer months, an attic can reach exorbitantly high temperatures, often surpassing 160 degrees Fahrenheit. With the installation of a solar attic fan, the attic temperature will drop to 5 to 10 degrees higher than the temperature outside. By cooling off the attic, this greatly decreases the amount of heat let into the living areas of your home, thus reducing the load on your HVAC system and saving you money.

The 3 main benefits of installing a solar attic vent include:

  1. Reducing home cooling costs
  2. Extending the life of your roof
  3. Operating with solar energy

solar attic fan, solar attic vent, houston texas, Katy TX, Kingswood TX, Willis TX, Cleveland TXThe attic will rise to the hottest temperatures when the sun is blazing the strongest, and coincidentally, the solar attic fan will also run at its hardest when the sun is the strongest. The solar attic vent works seamlessly to cool off the hot attic and save you money on your energy bills.

Washing the dishes, taking a shower, and cooking all allow moisture to accumulate in your home. This moisture then collects in your attic and facilitates the growth of mold and mildew, degrades the wooden structure of the attic, and reduces the installation’s effectiveness. This moisture also puts the roof sheathing in danger of rotting if the warm, moist temperatures are not dealt with. With the solar attic fan operating year round, the moisture is removed from the attic and fresh air will circulate throughout the house, all with zero operating costs.

Solar Attic Vent Features

Each of our installed Solar Attic Vents offers the following benefits:

–       High quality and low maintenance industrial grade solar panels

–       14 inch noise-free fan

–       Versatile color selection available (black, brown, or gray finish)

–       Conserves power by limiting HVAC system use

–       Reduces heat in up to 2,300 square feet of attic space

–       Available in attached or remote solar panel options

–       Creates  up to 1350 and 1550 CFM of airflow depending on model selected

–       Comes in 20 and 25 watt high-efficiency models

–       Contains zincalume, a corrosion resistant alloy, for the vent housing

–       Mitigates heat absorption in the home

Additional Benefits

At Guardian, we stand by the quality of our installation services. We offer a two year warranty on the installation of all solar attic vents. Our solar attic vents also come with a lifetime manufactures warranty.

The U.S. government offers an additional incentive of a 30 percent tax credit on the installation of all solar attic fans in the Houston area. At Guardian Chimney Sweeps, we will help you take advantage of the additional incentives offered to get you the best deal possible.

Contact Billy Little and his team of solar professionals to find out how a solar attic fan can benefit your home.