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Gas Logs - We Sell & Install Them!

Texans choose gas stoves, fireplaces and inserts for many reasons. Rather than struggling with lugging logs into the house and taking the steps to start a fire, all they need to do is flick a switch, click a remote or light the gas fire manually with a matchstick. Natural gas or propane burns cleaner and still delivers that beautiful fire to enjoy. For more efficient fireplace burning that is easy to use and environmentally friendly, consumers are turning to gas burning fireplace logs.

Only $825*

Fireside Realwood 18" or 24" Gas Log Install,
Chimney Cleaning & Inspection Bundle

This amazing price also includes a chimney cleaning and inspection to be sure you are ready to burn safely this fall.

*Additional $100 fee for travel time if located in South Houston past Beltway 8

When looking for gas fireplace logs or installation of gas logs in the Houston TX area, Billy Little of Guardian Chimney Sweeps is a great choice. From Huntsville to Bayview and from Sugar Land to Baytown, Guardian sells and installs gas log sets to fit any fireplace. With a shorter heating season in the Houston area more and more consumers are opting for vent-less gas logs or vented gas logs. Gas burning logs come in many realistic models modeled right from real burning log look with a flaming fire that matches wood fires without the mess. Less creosote build-up in your chimney will also reduce chances of a chimney fire or smelly chimney problems in the summer.


Here's Just A Few of Our Popular Gas Fireplace Log Sets


Fireside Grand Oak

Grand Oak 24", 30", 35"

Designed for larger fireplaces, the award-winning Fireside Grand Oak vented gas log set features 11 or 12 authentic logs from real oak timber molds. An ultramodern burner system creates a multi-level fire..

Fireside Grand Oak

Supreme Oak 18", 24", 30"

For the look of a charred, mature fire, the 12-log Fireside Supreme Oak gas log set is stunningly realistic—and affordable. The detailed concrete logs, molded from real oak, are attractive even when not burning.

Fireside Realwood gas logs

Fireside Realwood 18", 24"

Beautiful logs create a beautiful fire, but they do not have to be expensive. The Fireside Realwood gas log set supplies a true-to-life appearance with eight handsomely detailed logs at a value price.


Vent Free or Vent-less Gas Logs
This type of gas log set will actually add heat to the room rather than putting it up the chimney. The chimney opening will also be closed to prevent cold drafts from entering the home. These vent free gas logs can be installed in pre-fab vent free fireboxes or in regular vented fireplaces. They will not look quite as realistic as the vented type of gas fireplace logs because the flames do not come in contact with the logs and move around as much like a natural fire would.

Vented Gas Logs
This type of gas burning log requires venting up your chimney just like a wood burning fireplace would. Vented gas logs provide a very realistic dancing fire with the flames touching and moving around the logs. The drawback with this type of gas burning logs is that they provide little or no heating value and are primarily to add the enjoyment of the burning fireside atmosphere everyone loves.

Guardian Chimney Sweep will be happy to tell you more about gas fireplace logs and help you decide what type and style is best for you. Billy Little and his crews have been installing and servicing gas logs and gas fireplaces in the Greater Houston area for over 20 years.