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Commercial Chimney Cleaning – Commercial Vent Cleaning – Houston

commercial vent and chimney cleaning at restaurants in Houston

Grimaldi’s Pizzaria restaurants around Houston like this one in The Woodlands keep their Brick Oven Venting clean and safe using Guardian’s services.

cooking vent systems, grill hood ventilation and coffee roaster vents need cleaning houston tx

A Houston area landmark, Spec’s Wine, Spirits & Finer Foods near downtown has Guardian clean their Coffee Roaster Venting Systems.

We are the choice of many businesses and large commercial properties in the Houston area. Chimney cleaning and inspection is only a part of the picture for commercial, industrial and institutional services. Guardian also offers commercial dryer vent cleaning for businesses in the Houston area. Any commercial appliance that is attached to a venting system requires regular cleaning and inspection.

commercial air duct cleaning commercial chimney cleaning and inspection

Guardian can handle most any commercial, industrial or institutional chimney cleaning, inspection or vent and duct cleaning job for you.

Our work can include commercial dryer vent exhaust, commercial boiler vents, commercial fireplace installations, commercial cooking oven venting, pizza oven venting, restaurant grill hood ventilation systems and even coffee roaster systems. All of these commercial systems need regular cleaning to avoid dirty, clogged vents containing obstructions or combustible deposits that can present fire hazards.

Hotels & Resorts chimney cleaning, duct cleaning air vent cleaning

Hotels like LaQuinta Inn & Suites on John F Kennedy Blvd in Houston rely on Guardian for their Commercial Vent Cleaning services.

Hotels, Apartments, Condos, Institutions, Restaurants, Resorts and Clubs all need Commercial Chimney Sweeps that they can trust to maintain and clean their systems. We offer cleaning, inspections and repairs all types of commercial fireplace, chimney and venting systems.

Unfortunately businesses are the target of litigation that may relate to inadequate maintenance. Periodic cleaning and inspection of your systems may identify any potentially serious problems while they are only in need of minor maintenance or repair.

commercial chimney cleaning and chimney inspections for apartment buildings and condominiums

Guardian is able to handle large condominium or apartment complexes like this on in Spring, TX that had over 50 chimneys to clean and inspect.

Regular inspections can protect you against larger costs involved when problems are not identified early. And of course to protect your personnel, customers, tenants and real property it is always prudent to stay current with maintenance that will control costs and protect against serious loss or insurance claims.