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Chimney Repairs, Masonry Repairs, Houston TX, Kingswood TX, Livingston TXThe chimney experts at Guardian Chimney Sweeps located in Houston, TX are prepared to complete any and all chimney repair services for your masonry or factory built chimney. The services we provide include chimney rebuilding, chimney lining, tuck-pointing, chimney crown maintenance, chimney cap installation, firebox rebuilding, and any other chimney or fireplace problems you may encounter.

To repair or rebuild a chimney takes an experienced and well-trained chimney professional. When working with the chimney structure, the sweep will have to understand all relevant parts of the chimney. He will not only understand how to repair the masonry structure, but will also do so while meeting regulation requirements for the venting system, and while maintaining the system’s optimal performance. Our highly trained and experienced chimney repair crews know chimneys inside and out and will expertly repair or rebuild any masonry, venting system, chimney liner, or chimney crown.

Our crews are also well trained on how to get the job done most efficiently so that we can be in and out of your home as fast as humanly possible. We stay with our projects from start to finish and are conscious of keeping our time working on your home to an absolute minimum. Even when the project is large and the work is extensive, we will work continuously until the project is completed.

Houston Chimney Repairs – Chimney Rebuilding in Houston Area

chimney repairs, chimney cleaning, houston texas, Huntsville TX, Spring TXEven if the chimney structure looks sturdy and well-maintained from the outside, the interior of the chimney may not have aged as well. This is why an annual chimney inspection by a certified chimney sweep is necessary: to check the condition of the areas of the chimney that you cannot see from the outside and make sure each component is working properly. If a problem is spotted, it may be necessary to repair or rebuild portions of the chimney or fireplace. Chimney maintenance or repair is not something to be afraid of, instead, the chimney professionals at Guardian Chimney Sweeps are prepared to offer their professional advice on how to take care of the problem in the most effective way. Billy Little and his team of highly qualified chimney technicians will efficiently repair or rebuild any chimney system.

There are many signs that serve as an indicator that an interior chimney problem may exist including, broken flue tiles, loose bricks, and missing or cracked chimney caps and crowns. External problems that may seem like aging may also be a problem spotted by your chimney sweep, including loose bricks, brick or clay pieces in your fireplace, white staining on the exterior brick surface, or even a firebox that it too close to fireplace walls. If you notice any of these conditions on your chimney or fireplace, schedule a chimney inspection today.
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If the interior of the chimney is not maintained, a chimney fire or carbon monoxide poisoning may result. These are two very seriously health and safety risks resulting from a neglected fireplace. Even if the fireplace is not often used throughout the winter, it is still a good idea to get the entire system checked out so that you are safe and sound on that chilly night that is just asking for a nice, warm fire. Play it safe and get your chimney and fireplace checked out annually by your local TX professional chimney sweeps.

Every chimney also needs a liner in good condition to work properly. A chimney liner is what protects the walls of the chimney from the hot gases and byproducts of the fire. Without a chimney liner, you are putting your home at risk of catching fire or incurring damages from the high heat of the flames. A liner helps funnel all of the dangerous gases and fumes from the fire below safely into the outdoors. Depending on the current status of your liner, a chimney liner can be metal, clay, or even cast-in-place when the chimney is built. Our professional chimney sweeps know exactly the right liner for your home and also know how to repair existing liners if necessary.

At Guardian, we have a reputation for our experienced staff and superior customer service. Our highly trained and knowledgeable chimney technicians are always willing to answer any questions you may have and help you understand the chimney maintenance and repairs. Contact Billy Little and his team of expert chimney technicians to schedule an appointment today.

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