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Dryer Vent Cleaning – Houston Texas Area

dryer vent cleaning, houston tx, The Woodlands TX, Katy TX, Aldine TXOne often unheard of dangerous area of the home is the dryer vent system. You may go years without ever considering the condition of the dryer vents in your home. This often overlooked procedure can save lives and save your home. A dryer vent that has not been checked or cleaned in a long time has accumulated mass amounts of dust and lint. This accumulation then poses as a safety hazard for your home by putting you at risk of dryer vent fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Each year there are 15,600 clothes dryer fires in the U.S., according to the U.S. Fire Administration. Each of these fires is avoidable if the proper maintenance and care is taken.

Cleaning out the lint screen before each load in the dryer is not enough to prevent these dryer vent fires from occurring. The lint screen only catches about 75 percent of the lint made from each load of laundry, so this results in lots of left over lint to clog up the vents. When this lint builds up throughout the vents in the home, this creates a serious fire hazard. The lint is highly flammable and with the high temperatures of the dryer, it can catch fire at any time.

Dryer Vent Cleaning, Professional Dryer Vent Cleaners, Houston TX, Humble TX, Katy TXTo mitigate the risk of a dryer vent fire, our certified dryer exhaust technicians can regularly check your dryer vents for a restricted airflow. Our service technicians have highly effective tools to determine the condition of your vents. When the vents are filled with lint, this limits the airflow throughout the system, which in turn makes the system work harder and run for longer, raising your utility costs. Making the system work harder with restricted airflows also increases the likelihood that repairs will be needed and decreases the life of the system. Regular cleanings of your dryer vent will keep your system working for longer and running with less power.

Our service technicians are skilled at finding dryer vent issues and resolving them before they become hazards for your home or family. Regular dryer vent cleanings keeps your dryer working more efficiently and keeps your home and family safe.

Call Billy Little and his team of dryer vent professionals if you notice any of the following:

–        The dryer takes longer to finish a load then it used to.

–        When the cycle has ended clothes, especially heavy items, are still damp and very hot.

–        The dryer feels extremely hot to the touch when it is on.

–        Limited or no lint on the lint screen after a cycle.

Besides the threat of a dryer vent fire, clogged dryer vents can also lead to carbon monoxide poisoning when using a gas appliance. The CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) warns against neglecting to care for dryer vents to avoid unnecessary deaths, illness, injuries, and property damage. The CSIA recommends annual dryer vent inspections and cleanings to ensure the continued safety of your home and family.

dryer vent cleaning, professional dryer vent cleaning, houston texas, Humble TX, Aldine TXRecently, dryer vent fires and other dryer vent hazards have become more common. Historically, clothing washers and dryers were located near exterior walls and therefore only had a short amount of venting before it reached the outdoors. But with home designs becoming more complex, the dryer placement is increasingly determined by convenience rather than safety. For this reason, it is more important than ever to have the dryer vents checked and cleaned regularly, especially if the dryer is not in a position that is close to an exterior wall.

These modern air ducts are also harder to reach and harder to clean, which makes them more dangerous as unwanted lint accumulation goes unnoticed. Sharp turns or bends in the dryer vents may be necessary to have the laundry room in a specific location within the home, but these also create a dangerous problem.

Regardless of dryer location, nature can also pose as a dryer vent safety hazard. Birds, rodents and bugs can also clog up the dyer vents and cause dryer vent fires or carbon monoxide poisoning as well. Whether you live in a new or old home, keeping the dryer vents clear from lint accumulation will create a safer home and lower utility costs.

Billy Little and his team of dryer technicians have years of experience in the dryer vent cleaning industry. His professional team can inspect and clean your dryer vents to ensure the continued safety of your home.