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Chimney Liner – Chimney Lining – Houston Area Chimney Relining

chimney liner repair, chimney relining, chimney repairs, houston tx, The Woodlands TX, Katy TXThe number one cause of chimney fires is from chimney liners that do not work properly. Every chimney must have a liner in good working condition to operate safely. A chimney liner is a tube that is inserted into the chimney to protect the interior of the system and remove the gases from the fire safely out of the home. The liner must be able to withstand extreme heat and harsh gases to funnel the combustible byproducts out through the top of the chimney. Without a chimney liner, sparks from the fire may ignite the combustible material surrounding the chimney walls and the gases from the fire may deteriorate the interior of the chimney and cause major structural issues down the road.

How to Tell if Your Chimney Needs Lining or Relining

chimney liner, chimney relining, chimney sweep, houston tx, Conroe TX, Huntsville TXMasonry chimneys built before 1940 were not required to have a chimney liner. If your fireplace was built before this time, the installation of a metal chimney liner is the best way to remedy this problem. But most likely, your home already has a chimney liner in place. If your clay tile liner cracks or your metal liner is corroded, it is time to reline the system to make sure it stays safe and secure. To replace a deteriorating clay tile liner, a metal chimney liner can be installed inside of the clay tile liner. A metal chimney liner can be installed if you have never had a liner in your chimney, if your current clay tile liner is deteriorated or if you are replacing an existing metal liner.

If you ever notice that your fireplace smells strongly or if excess smoke is backed up into your home rather than out through the chimney, you may need to replace your chimney liner. These problems are indicators that your chimney is not venting properly and the system should be check by a chimney professional before further use. A cracked or deteriorated liner can cause serious problems for your home if repairs are neglected.

HomeSaver UltraPro Chimney Liner – Lifetime Warranty*

chimney liner, chimney relining, houston tx, Huntsville TX, Spring TX, Baytown TXThe most common liner is a standard metal liner, and liner technology has allowed for the liner to be lightweight and flexible and still able to withstand the high temperatures and harsh gases. This liner, the UltraPro, is the best choice for a chimney liner because of its long lasting and durable design. The stainless steel HomeSaver UltraPro liner is the smartest choice for a chimney liner. Unlike all other liner varieties, this liner does not kink, it is lightweight and it will last a lifetime. The HomeSaver UltraPro has a lifetime warrantee as long *as it is installed by a professional chimney sweep. You will only purchase a chimney liner once and with HomeSave UltraPro liner, you know you will be making a decision you can be confident with for the rest of your life.

Any type of opening in the liner, even a small crack or minor tear can cause serious problems for your chimney system and can also create serious risks for your home and family. Loose sparks can ignite any combustible materials surrounding the chimney and harmful gases may enter the home. These problems can be completely avoided by maintaining your chimney and having the liner checked annually by your Houston professional chimney sweeps for any problems.

chimney relining, chimney liner, houston tx, Conroe TX, Huntsville TXChimney Liner Maintenance and Upkeep

The proper chimney cap can help prevent many chimney liner problems. The harsh byproducts of the fire can cause distress even on metal liners. Each year during your annual chimney inspection your Houston chimney professionals will check the condition of your liner and alert you if any problems exist with your chimney liner. The exterior of your chimney may look perfectly fine, even when the inside is corroded. This is why it is important to have a chimney sweep inspect your chimney system on a regular basis. A chimney professional can catch any problems that you cannot see from the outside.

If you change your fireplace system in any way, such as by installing a fireplace insert or gas stove, the liner must be realigned to work properly with recent changes. A chimney liner must always be present and working properly in any chimney system.