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Blown In Insulation – Insulation Removal & Replacement – Houston TX


with Affordable Blown In Attic Insulation*

blown in insulation in houston*This Service is Not Available in All Service Areas – Please Call for More Info.

Guardian offers top notch workmanship and quality materials for all of our blown in insulation projects around Houston. We provide blown in insulation and old insulation removal for both residential homes and commercial businesses. Blown in insulation is the best way to save energy on heating and air conditioning by laying down a “thermal blanket” to insulate your home or business.

Especially during the HOT spring, summer and fall months Houston homes and businesses use more energy than they need to because the attic space and walls are not adequately insulated to keep the cool air in. Even just the smallest areas of low coverage or empty areas that should be insulated can form an escape hatch for all of your air conditioning dollars. The radiant heat that enters your home is responsible for over 90% of the heat gain that you are attempting to cool. Proper insulation will lower electric bills in the winter too by closing up the places where cold air penetrates your building.


insulation removal houston insulation installersMany times old insulation has been moved about by nesting animals. These pests can also bring in other materials from outside and they always leave plenty of droppings in attics and walls. In this case homeowners request that we remove all the old insulation and unwanted debris before installing the new blown in insulation. Long flexible hoses add the insulation into attics and walls under high pressure allowing our crews to reach every area that needs coverage with minimal disruption to your living space. We always are extremely careful inside your home and clean up completely before leaving.

Roof leaks and fire damage also may have compromised your R-value and created inefficiencies for your energy use. We will inspect your insulation job and advise corrective measures to bring your home or business up to the R-value recommended for our climate, at least R-30 or 10 1/4 inches. Many energy conscious consumers bring that up to a thicker coverage between 12 and 18 inches for a R-38 or R-44 value. We can provide options to suit your budget and needs.

Blown in insulation is preferred because it allows the installer to cover all areas uniformly, even hard to reach areas that may currently be holes (thermal defect) in your insulation. Quality insulation now has a lifespan of 30 or more years. Blown in insulation products are also Energy Star Rated.


We offer the same competitive pricing and cordial service that you will find with all work done by Guardian Home Services.