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Conroe TX Chimney Sweep Services

Homeowners in Conroe TX trust Guardian Chimney Sweep for chimney cleaning aka chimney sweeping, and we are also known for our outstanding customer service. Chimney maintenance is an important way to ensure home safety. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends annual chimney cleaning.

Chimney Cleaning in Conroe TX

Chimney Sweep Services In Conroe, TXChimney sweeping is another way of saying chimney cleaning, and creosote is the primary reason it is such an important service. Creosote, a byproduct of wood fires, is highly flammable. The smoke that goes up the chimney contains flecks of the tar-like creosote. These components of the smoke solidify and adhere to the chimney lining while traveling up the flue. There are two potentially life-threatening hazards associated with creosote in chimneys and they are chimney fires and exposure to toxic gases. Chimney Cleaning & Inspection in Conroe TX is the best way to eliminate these threats. Learn more below.

The Threat of Chimney Fires

Many homeowners have been misinformed about chimney fires, thinking that they are harmless.

In fact, a myth about chimney fires is that they are actually useful for burning off creosote in the flue, potentially saving on the costs of professional chimney cleaning services in Conroe TX. The truth is that chimney fires cause many dangerous house fires, and they result in fatalities every year.

Although some chimney fires may burn out quickly, it usually turns out that damage has occurred because of it. When chimney cleaning is neglected and creosote builds up in layers inside the flue, the chances of a chimney fire starting are greatly increased. Once such a fire starts, the creosote continually feeds these dangerously intense blazes. A normal result is that the flue lining is damaged or destroyed, often resulting in a fire that spreads throughout the home.

Obstruction Resulting in Exposure to Toxic Gases

Without chimney cleaning in Conroe TX, creosote continues to build up in layers in the chimney lining. Eventually, the creosote creates blockage in the flue. Instead of the toxic fumes going outside, they go inside the home. Among the toxic fumes created by fires is carbon monoxide, known as the Silent Killer. Carbon monoxide is a highly dangerous threat because it is tasteless, odorless, invisible, and does not create any symptoms until those affected are often unable to safely escape.

Chimney Cleaning to Remove Creosote

There are three types of creosote, and it is best to schedule professional chimney sweeping services for all chimney cleaning needs.

Professional Fireplace Cleaning in Conroe, TXOur certified chimney sweeps at Guardian Chimney Sweep have the tools and experience to remove all three levels of creosote from Conroe TX chimney liners, though the most difficult to remove is sometimes impossible to remove without tearing down and replacing the chimney masonry. Another solution for this type of creosote problem is to leave the stubborn creosote there and install a replacement chimney liner, eliminating the existing threat.

Schedule Annual Chimney Cleaning

Chimney cleaning services in Conroe TX are more important than many homeowners realize. Schedule chimney sweeping for your home today and every year after to help keep your home safe.