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chimney sweep and repair in The Woodlands TX

Guardian Chimney Sweeps is a company trusted for chimney cleaning, masonry repair, chimney inspections, and other reliable chimney sweep services in The Woodlands TX and nearby Shenandoah TX as well as throughout the entire Greater Houston Area. We offer speedy, affordable professional chimney services performed by chimney sweeps certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA).


Chimney Inspections in The Woodlands

Annual chimney inspections are essential, according to all leading fire safety experts who recommend annual inspections no matter how frequently or infrequently your fireplace, stove, or furnace is used. Checking for wear and tear can help keep your family in The Woodlands safer! During Level 2 of the three types of chimney inspections, our sweeps use a special video inspection camera to determine whether chimney liner damage has occurred or whether it is safe to use.

the woodlands Texas chimney inspection


Chimney Sweep & Cleaning

A chimney sweep or chimney cleaning removes the accumulation of the toxic combustion byproduct known as creosote that is created by wood fires. When chimney cleaning is neglected, highly flammable creosote builds up along the chimney liner walls, layer upon layer. This creates two dangers. The most common hazard is the risk of a chimney fire, which is an event that leads to many out-of-control house fires each year. The other danger is exposure to deadly toxic fumes that enter the home due to blockage created by creosote buildup.

chimney cleaning in the woodlands tx


Leaky Chimneys in The Woodlands TX

Masonry chimneys are highly vulnerable to moisture. If water infiltrates your chimney system in The Woodlands TX, the result can be a leaky chimney that can cause structural damage and water staining on the ceilings and walls in your home interior. Moisture can also result in the destruction of chimney masonry. Determining the exact cause of a chimney leak is not always easy, but our chimney experts know the clues to look for.

chimney leaking in the woodlands tx


Chimney Repairs

Chimney Waterproofing is a preventative approach to chimney maintenance. Sealant that helps to keep moisture out of the masonry system also helps homeowners in The Woodlands by protecting the chimney system from some of the worst kinds of damage resulting in chimney repairs.

chimney repair in the woodlands txIt is essential that Chimney Liners are in good condition. If your liner is damaged, Guardian Chimney Sweeps offers chimney liner repair services. Typically, however, we recommend a stainless-steel chimney liner replacement when appropriate. Depending on the type of appliance you have, a stainless-steel chimney liner may be the most cost-effective way in the long-term to address a damaged liner.

Tuckpointing is a procedure we use to remove and replace deteriorating mortar on a masonry chimney. Mortar helps to keep moisture out of the chimney system. If the mortar damage has been there a while, water intrusion has probably already occurred and a masonry rebuild will likely be needed instead of tuckpointing.


Many homeowners in The Woodlands TX need Flashing Repair. Calls we receive for a qualified chimney sweep probably involve flashing repair more than any other type of chimney problem. Flashing is prone to rust and difficult to install correctly to ensure a watertight seal between the chimney and the roof.

Another vulnerable part of the chimney is the chimney crown. Cement Chimney Crown Repair is frequently needed because the material the crown is built with cracks and deteriorates in the harsh weather conditions it is constantly exposed to in The Woodlands.

As part of chimney crown repair, we often recommend that homeowners in The Woodlands TX get Outside Mount Custom Chimney Caps installed. These are decorative appliances that provide protection for the entire chimney crown while also keeping moisture out of the chimney flue.

Chimney Flue Caps provide numerous benefits offered by outside mount custom chimney caps, such as keeping animals, rain, sleet, and snow out. Flue caps, however, are installed directly atop the flue at the top of the chimney, and no other chimney components get the benefit of additional protection from the elements.

Guardian Chimney Sweeps is the place to call for Chimney Rebuilding and Masonry Repair because we have certified chimney sweeps on our teams who are also experienced masons.

gas log install in the woodlands txGas Log Set Installation

Our calls from homeowners in The Woodlands TX often relate to fireplace upgrades such as Gas Log Set Installation. The switch from firewood to gas-fueled fires is purely a matter of convenience. Gas log sets can be installed starting at $625*.

*Call now, limited supply available.

Home Services

Help with chimney maintenance is not the only type of assistance we are happy to provide to residents in The Woodlands TX. We also offer helpful home services such as Roof Cleaning, Blown-In Insulation, Air Duct Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning, Solar Attic Fans, Solar Panel Cleaning, and Roofing.

If you live in The Woodlands TX and need chimney maintenance, chimney cleaning, masonry repair, chimney liner replacement, or other home services we offer at Guardian Chimney Sweeps, we would love to hear from you. Give us a call today at any of our numbers below or feel free to reach out via email at guardianchimneysweep@yahoo.com.

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