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chimney sweep in Spring TX

At Guardian Chimney Sweeps we are proud to offer affordable, speedy, professional chimney sweep services to homeowners in Spring TX, nearby Klein TX, and the entire Greater Houston Area. Our workmanship reflects our commitment to deliver 100% customer satisfaction on every job.


Chimney Sweep & Cleaning Spring TX

Annual Chimney Sweeping, aka Chimney Cleaning, is recommended by the experts in fire safety at the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). When you burn wood in a fireplace or heating stove, combustion byproducts don’t all go outside through the chimney. A highly flammable, tar-like substance called creosote is deposited in chimney linings with every wood fire. Operating a chimney clogged with multiple layers of creosote is dangerous. For reliable chimney cleaning to get rid of the various types of creosote, Spring TX homeowners call on us at Guardian Chimney Sweeps.

chimney cleaning in spring tx


Chimney Inspection

By scheduling annual Chimney Inspections in Spring TX, you avoid costly chimney repairs and ensure a safer home environment. Many things can go wrong with a chimney, and it can put your home and family at risk to ignore the need for a chimney inspection performed by a professional like the certified chimney sweeps at Guardian Chimney Sweeps.

spring Texas chimney inspection


Leaking Chimney in Spring TX

The biggest enemy to chimneys is moisture, and one of the top reasons our Guardian chimney sweeps are called for chimney services in Spring TX is to repair a Leaky Chimney. There are multiple potential causes of chimney leaks, and our expert chimney sweeps are able to narrow down the possibilities, identify the source of a chimney leak, and put a stop to it.

chimney leaking in spring tx


chimney repair in spring txSpring TX Chimney Repairs

Homeowners in Spring TX contact us at Guardian Chimney Sweeps on a regular basis for chimney repairs. The following are among the many types of chimney repairs that homeowners might need:

Chimney Liners become damaged in Spring TX because of wear and tear over time or because of deterioration caused by acidic combustion materials. Whatever the reason for the damage, it is unsafe to use the heating appliance again until the liner has been repaired or replaced.

Chimney caps are essential accessories on chimneys. We recommend Outside Mount Custom Chimney Caps to our customers for the important protections they provide to chimney systems. Chimney Flue Caps sit atop the chimney flue pipe and do not have the aesthetic value or level of performance of outside mount custom chimney caps.

Cement Chimney Crown Repair is a common type of chimney repair needed by Spring TX homeowners. The material used to build chimney crowns is prone to deteriorate and crack. Our chimney sweeps offer chimney crown repair or rebuild, if needed.

Tuckpointing is a procedure that cuts costs because it fixes a moisture intrusion problem before the chimney masonry is infiltrated with water. Without chimney maintenance and repairs, homeowners are much more likely to require Chimney Rebuilding and Masonry Repair. Contact us at Guardian for chimney masonry services. We have certified chimney experts who also specialize in masonry work.

In Spring TX, the need for Flashing Repair is common due to vulnerabilities of the metal flashing. Our experts can achieve the watertight seal needed between the flashing and the roof.

Chimney Waterproofing adds a layer of protection against damage caused by moisture. The trick is to understand that waterproofing should never be applied to a chimney masonry system that already has water damage.

gas log set install in spring txGas Log Set Installation Spring TX

A popular fireplace upgrade among homeowners in Spring TX is to have Gas Log Set installation when converting from wood fuel to gas. We offer gas log sets installed starting at $625*, which gets our customers in on the convenience of gas fireplaces.

*Call now, limited supply available.

Home Services

We are happy to provide our Spring TX customers with additional Home Services on top of chimney maintenance, chimney inspections, chimney repairs, etc. Our chimney sweeps are also qualified to provide Air Duct Cleaning, Roof Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning, Roofing, Blown-In Insulation, Solar Panel Cleaning, and Solar Attic Fans.

If you live in Spring TX, our certified chimney sweeps at Guardian Chimney Sweeps are here for you. Because of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we are confident you will be happy with our chimney sweep and home services. Call us by phone at one of the numbers below or email us at guardianchimneysweep@yahoo.com.


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