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Add a Gas Log Set This Season

Do you have a fireplace that’s not being used very much, if at all? Many Houston-area homeowners are discovering the benefits of adding a gas log set to their unused fireplace originally intended to burn wood. If your home has gas capability, a gas log set can make a lovely showpiece all year long.

The gentle flames from a gas log set add beauty and ambience, they’re inexpensive to operate, and very little maintenance is involved. If that sounds good to you, here are some things you’ll want to know about gas log sets.


Realistic fire, realistic logs

Don’t think of gas logs as a stack of oblong, heat-storing chunks of metal. Modern gas logs are meticulously designed to look very much like their wood counterparts. You’ll find logs that resemble many popular wood types, complete with the burls, knots, ax marks and complex textures you see in freshly chopped wood. The flame comes from under the gas logs to look just like a real wood fire.

No mess

Running a wood fire means a lot of cleanup. Embers pop out of the firebox, ashes get all over the place, soot and smoke toxins stick to everything they touch. It’s really a mess to operate a wood-burning fireplace. With gas, there are no particles, chips or ashes to sweep up, the burn is very clean and the logs last for years, rather than for a single fire.

Easy operation

Gas log sets not only produce less mess than wood, but they’re also far easier to operate. A switch (often with a remote) gets the fire started immediately and creates the exact volume of flame you desire. When it’s time to shut it off, one click does it – extinguishing the flame and the heat.

Environmentally friendly

With a gas log set, you can say goodbye to the billows of smoke often produced by wood fireplaces. Gas fires produce a fraction of the toxins and pollutants that are common with wood fires, which is a good deal for anyone who wants to help reduce damage to our environment.

Vented vs. vent-free

Gas log sets are designed to be self-contained or run through a simple venting system. If you’re going purely for aesthetics, the non-vented variety is probably your best bet. When you shop, describe your fireplace/chimney setup to a hearth store associate in order to get direction and recommendations.

Spruce up the entire hearth area

There’s no reason to stop with just gas logs: you can transform your entire room with the large selection of surrounds, mantels and glass fireplace doors available today. The trend in fireplaces is definitely toward visual appeal, and with a few basic purchases, you’ve got a whole new look, with a lovely fire as the centerpiece.

Guardian Chimney Sweep serves the entire Houston region with a full menu of cleaning, inspection, maintenance, repair and installation services for home-heating and decorative appliances. We can help you select the right gas log set for your needs, and we can get it hooked up and running safely so you can start enjoying it right away. We’re here to answer your questions at (713) 401-2011.