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How to Avoid Chimney Repair Scams

Not all chimney sweeps can be like the fun-loving character played by Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. Besides, what’s more important is to know how to avoid chimney repair scams when you are choosing a chimney sweep company. This issue has been resolved for people throughout the Houston TX and Conroe areas, thanks to the reliable services provided by certified chimney professionals at Guardian Chimney Sweep. Read on for tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of chimney repair scammers.

professional trustworthy chimney sweeps, harris txWhy are Chimney Repair Scams Common?

The chimney sweep industry is not regulated, which means there is no government oversight helping to ensure that chimney sweep work is performed by qualified technicians. Countless disreputable individuals have taken advantage, and homeowners often pay a heavy price. For instance, chimney repair scammers with no training or knowledge about chimneys offer heavily discounted prices on basic chimney services. This gets their foot in the door, so to speak.

Once they’ve been hired, the scammers make untrue claims about immediate chimney repairs that need to be made. They will often coerce homeowners into making large upfront payments. Then nothing is done or even needed to be done in the first place. The homeowners get nothing of value for the payments made.

The Best Way to Avoid Chimney Repair Scams

The prevalent tactics used by chimney sweep scammers are to make irresistible offers door-to-door and via unsolicited phone calls. These types of hustles are often canvassed in targeted areas. Immediate pricing that beats the cost of hiring reputable competitors is the lure. Avoid hiring a chimney sweep company that contacts you through unsolicited phone calls or while making door-to-door visits in your neighborhood.

How to Choose a Reputable Chimney Sweep Company

Blindly choosing a chimney sweep service could end in total frustration. Like your peace of mind, your wallet could unnecessarily take a big hit. Instead, take a little time to conduct some research. To avoid chimney repair scams, the following are among the things to check on before you hire chimney sweeps:


Legitimate chimney sweep companies have qualifying credentials. Technicians who become Certified Chimney Professionals™ are industry pros. They have the knowledge and skills to provide reliable chimney sweep services. Verify that the company’s chimney technicians are credentialed.

Good Reviews

Although online reviews can be manipulated to hide negative comments, you can gain helpful insights by taking the time to go through many reviews.

Check References

Ask chimney sweep companies for references and follow up by contacting the references provided.

Fully Insured

It can be risky to hire uninsured chimney sweeps because, in that situation, you would be responsible to cover the cost of damage accidentally done to your home when chimney services are being provided. Before choosing a chimney sweep company, verify that they are fully insured.

chimney cap replacement, liberty txContact Guardian Chimney Sweep for Reliable Chimney Services

The best way to avoid chimney repair scams is to contact a proven company like Guardian Chimney Sweep, where satisfaction is guaranteed. We offer dependable chimney services like chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, flashing repair, chimney masonry repair, chimney liner replacement, fireplace installation, and much more that our customers rely on year after year.

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