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Backyard Recreational Fires – Safety & Info

Backyard recreational fires can quickly turn into dangerous infernos, and the following safety tips and information can help you avoid hazards. Fire pits and other outdoor fires are a big part of the popularity of outdoor living. If you are planning to add a fire pit or another type of appliance for outdoor fires or even if you have one already, reviewing backyard recreational fire safety is an excellent way to invest your time. Such information and safety tips follow.

backyard recreational fire, the woodlands txFirst Look Up

Never light an outdoor recreational fire if there is anything other than stars or sky above you. It is dangerous to position an outdoor fire underneath a tree, branches, or the overhang of a structure. Wood sparks could easily fly up and ignite combustible materials.

Always Look Around

The location of a backyard recreational fire should always be 10 feet minimum from your home, the neighbors’ yards, and any other combustible materials in your backyard. This includes plants and fences. Make sure children and pets stay three feet or more away from outdoor fires.

Consider What’s on the Ground

The area of the ground that is under and around an outdoor recreational fire should be cleared of combustible materials. There should not be anything such as a pile of dead leaves in the vicinity.

Check the Weather

Excessive wind is undesirable for enjoying a backyard recreational fire. Special care should be taken even when there are typical breezes, but strong gusts of wind are a particular threat. Someone could be burned if a gust of wind knocks burning firewood out of a fire pit, for instance. Blowing sparks could ignite someone’s clothing, though fire-resistant clothing is another safety recommendation. Before starting a recreational outdoor fire, it’s always a good idea to first check the weather.

Reduce the Amount of Fine Particular Matter

Burning wood can create a health threat if combustion gases pollute the air with excess particulate matter. Burn clean fires to help keep yourself, your family, and your neighbors safe. Always burn seasoned firewood because it burns hotter and more thoroughly. Moisture meters are affordable devices that you can buy in most home stores. Use a moisture meter to ensure that the firewood you burn has a moisture content of no more than 20%. Softwoods such as pine are not recommended, however, because they commonly pop and send embers flying.

fire safety outdoors, conroe txTake Special Safety Measures

There are several essential safety measures that you can take when burning backyard recreational fires. For example, a means for putting out a fire quickly should be ready at hand. The recommendations are to keep a fire extinguisher, a bucket of water, or a water hose close by. An excellent way to help keep an outdoor fire safe is to use a metal screen over your fire pit or in front of your outdoor fireplace to contain sparks.

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