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Can My Chimney Be Cleaned If It Has A Bend?

It is important to have your chimney swept on an annual basis. With use, creosote builds up and debris gets caught in the chimney. The chimney needs attention as do other areas of your home. It is also recommended that a professional chimney sweep inspect your chimney. This will help determine if a sweep is needed. Professional technicians at Guardian Chimney Sweep can help with all your chimney needs.

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To clean a straight chimney is relatively straightforward. The tools are in every chimney sweep’s truck. When cleaning a chimney with a bend or curve, there are different challenges. There are specific tools that are needed as well.

In this article, we will discuss the tools used when cleaning a chimney with a bend or curve. The first thing you want to do is contact Guardian Chimney Sweep to book your chimney sweep appointment. Let’s get started discussing the tools. This is a job for a professional.

At Guardian Chimney Sweep we have the equipment needed to do the job right. Contact us at the number below.

Tools To Clean a Chimney with a Bend or Curve.

-Chimney brush with a flexible rod. A bendable brush, sometimes referred to as a “noodle brush” is used to reach around the turn in the chimney.

-Extension poles. An extension pole is used to reach high up into the chimney to reach the curve or bend. This is attached to the chimney brush flexible rod.

-Drop cloths. We will cover all the surrounding areas of the room that the fireplace is in. This ensures that your property stays and remains clean.

-Ash vacuum or vacuum cleaner. Our professionals have ash vacuums to ensure that your home is left as we found it. We will clean up any debris that comes from the chimney.

-Protective gear. We always will wear protective gear, i.e. eye protection.

Preparing for a Chimney Sweep Appointment.

  • With all chimney sweep jobs, there are preparations needed as well. When you are preparing for a chimney sweep be sure you have not had a fire in the fireplace for at least 24-48 hours. We want it to be cold.
  • Protect your furniture and the surrounding area of the fireplace.
  • Keep pets away from workers. Your pet may be the most loving, but there will be a lot of movement in the area of the fireplace. It would be safest to have your pet in another room away from the worker.
  • Pathway to the house. Be sure that our technician has a clear entry to your fireplace. Move any cars that are in the way of a truck to park. If there is snow, remove it from the pathway to the home.

Chimney Inspections in Houston TX

When you need a chimney sweep, contact Guardian Chimney Sweep. Call toll-free at 888-306-6069, in Conroe at 936-271-9781, or Houston at 713-401-2011.

We strive to provide expert services. We provide expert chimney sweep, chimney cleanings, chimney inspections, and chimney repairs. As well as fireplace inserts, gas logs, chimney rebuilds, and more. We provide these to our customers with low-cost, reliable service in a timely fashion.