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Benefits of Adding Gas Logs to Your Fireplace

 Get more enjoyment out of your fireplace without splitting a log again!

Cutting firewood and building a fire is hard work. After a long day at your job, just the thought of carrying logs inside to make a fire can be exhausting. Can you imagine how nice it would be to turn on your fireplace with just the touch of a button? You don’t have to wait until you move. All you need is a set of gas logs. You can convert your wood-burning fireplace to burn natural gas or propane by installing a gas logs set. 

Gas logs today look incredibly realistic. You can choose between many different types of faux wood, such as birch, aspen, birch, driftwood, and more. Now, you don’t have to choose between aesthetics or convenience. You can get both with gas logs! There are many more advantages.

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Additional Benefits of a Gas Log Set

#1 – Improved Efficiency

Wood-burning fireplaces are incredibly inefficient. You lose up to 90% of the heat they produced up the chimney. You can transform your fireplace into an effective heater by installing a vent-free gas log set. The modifications made to your fireplace during the installation will prevent heat from escaping up the chimney. 



#2 – Low Maintenance

Wood-burning fireplaces are messy and high maintenance! The firewood you bring in can leave behind bits of bark and grit for you to clean up. The fire creates ashes that you have to remove routinely. On top of this, the chimney needs to be professionally cleaned at least once a year to remove creosote buildup (a highly flammable byproduct of burning fuel). Installing a gas log set will eliminate this extra work! Gas log sets are low maintenance. You won’t need to sweep out the fireplace or worry about creosote. Gas burns cleaner than wood, which means it produces much less creosote if any. 

The only maintenance required is an occasional professional inspection to ensure there aren’t any breaks or cracks in the faux logs or gas line. You should also pay attention to the lifespan of the main components in the log set and find out if any need to be replaced regularly. 

#3 – Money Saver

Keeping up with the maintenance of a wood-burning fireplace can be expensive. The price of wood has also skyrocketed in many places. Unless you can collect wood for yourself, the cost of using your wood-burning fireplace can add up quickly. Fueling your fire with natural gas can save you money on both fuel and maintenance.  

gas log sets installed, Houston TX#4 – Good for You & The Planet

Air quality has a tremendous impact on your health! Living in a place with poor air quality can take years off your life. Wood-burning fireplaces are a contributor to bad air quality. Burning wood releases gases and particles into the air that are bad for your lungs. Burning natural gas or propane produces far less. Gas logs are an eco-friendly alternative to firewood because of how clean they burn. That’s why a gas fireplace is a smart choice if you’re concerned about your health and the environment.

#5 – Prevent a Fire

Creosote is the leading cause of chimney fires. It’s so volatile that it can be ignited by just a spark or high temperatures in the flue. For homeowners that use their wood-burning fireplace, it is a serious risk that could cost them thousands of dollars in damages or their lives.

You can dramatically decrease the risk of a chimney fire in your home by installing gas logs. 

If you want to enjoy your fireplace more often, a gas log set is a smart upgrade! When it’s time to sell your house, you can get up to 90% of the cost back in increased home value. 

Want to know more about fireplace upgrades and maintenance? Browse our blog for more information! If you want to learn more about how to convert your wood-burning fireplace to gas, give us a call! We can walk you through the installation process. 

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