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Benefits of Cleaning Solar Panels

What a great investment you made. Installing solar panels on your home. You will be benefiting big in the future. But did you know that there is some maintenance needed to keep your return on investment? Cleaning your solar panels is important in so many ways. Let us discuss the benefits.

Solar Panel cleaning Houston, Tx.Warranty

Did you read through your warranty? Well, you might want to. Many companies, as part of their warranty, require proof of regular cleanings. If you don’t keep the panels clean you may be out of luck if something goes wrong.


Like the windows in your home or your car. They get dirty. Dust and dirt are in the atmosphere. It collects on the solar panels and forms a film. This must be cleaned off for the panels to run efficiently. Experts find that performance and efficiency are compromised. The sun needs a clean surface to penetrate. Having your panels cleaned regularly will help with efficiency.

Inspection Needed

When you have Guardian come by to clean the solar panels we will inspect for any issues that you may have. We will be on the roof. It is better to know early than too late. This way any repairs can take place, avoiding expensive repairs later.


Wear and tear takes place on every surface without cleaning. Your solar panels are no exception. If sand and grime continue to stay on your panels it breaks down the durability. Over time the solar panels become worn down because of the debris that is collected on them.

What Causes a Dirty Solar Panel?

  • Rain – Water can seep into and between the panels and cause rust and corrosion. This can cause damage to the panels and cells. This can prevent electricity from flowing through the panels.
  • Debris – Leaves, animals on the roof, and plants can cause blockage of electricity to the panels.
  • Dust – Dust can build up on and around the panels. If not cleaned out regularly can cause damage to the panels as well.

Now you are aware of the benefits of cleaning your solar panels. You also learned what causes the panels to become dirty. Be sure to call Guardian Chimney Sweep to schedule an appointment. The benefits outweigh the risks of having something go wrong with your solar panels.

Contact the Solar Panel Experts

The experts suggest that you clean your solar panels at least once a year. When you are ready to have them cleaned we are here for you. Contact Guardian Chimney Sweep: toll-free at 888-306-6069 \ Conroe 936-271-9781 \ Houston 713-401-2011 or fill out our online contact form.

We are here to help! Our trained technicians will be happy to help you to set up an appointment for any of your home service needs.

Solar panel cleaning in Houston and Conroe, TX.

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