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How to Know Which Cap is Best for Your Chimney?

So, you’re ready to choose a chimney cap. But how do you know which cap is best for your chimney? That’s the question! Here we’ll just explain what features should be added and why. Then you can choose from materials that are available. There is one more thing and that is installation. You want to get repairs done by certified chimney professionals because they are well versed in everything that pertains to chimney basics. In and around Houston, TX, and Conroe, that’s Guardian Chimney Sweep.

Chimney Cap Repairs and Replacement in Conroe TXThe Basics of the Chimney Cap

No matter what type of chimney cap you go with, it will do the most important thing: Keep moisture out. It will provide a cover over your flue that prevents precipitation from entering your chimney. This is important. Keeping moisture from infiltrating the masonry is its most critical function.

What happens when moisture works its way into masonry? Think of it like an assault on your wallet! That’s ultimately what it amounts to. But practically speaking, think of what the moisture will do to the bricks.

When the first and subsequent freeze and thaw cycles come, the water will expand and contract. That means the water will push against the inner walls of the bricks and then collapse. The movement inside the brick will eventually show on the outside when the brick also collapses.

Keep Animals and Debris Out

When you get a chimney with mesh as part of the cap, you also keep animals and other debris out. This is a great preventative measure! While you may have a heart for squirrels and birds—not to mention snakes, bats, and raccoons—you don’t want them in your chimney. They are listed along with other debris that doesn’t belong in the chimney such as leaves and tree branches.

Spark Guard

Another thing that mesh does is keep embers from floating out of the chimney cap. Though statistics show that chances are low, there is a possibility that it could start a roof fire. Anything that keeps your home and family safe is something that deserves mentioning.

Now the Material

What type of material will you choose for a chimney cap? There are three kinds that are feasible. The qualities of the material you choose will make a difference in the longevity of your chimney cap:
• Galvanized steel. This will do the job but not for very long.
• Stainless-steel. This is a durable material that will last a long time.
• Copper. With a copper chimney cap, you can enjoy the benefits provided by the chimney cap for a long time. This kind of chimney cap will improve your home’s aesthetics.

Outside-Mount Custom Chimney Caps

If you would like to see your chimney cap do even more, then purchase an outside mount chimney cap. They are custom-made, but it will protect your chimney cap as well as your chimney crown. That is doing more than double duty, and it is worth the investment.

Outside mount chimney cover in Huston TX

Guardian Chimney Sweep Can Install Chimney Caps

Guardian Chimney Sweep LLC knows all about the importance of chimney caps. They will know which cap is best for your chimney, and can provide professional installation. You can also schedule venting, stove, and fireplace services including fireplace installation, chimney cleaning, chimney repair, chimney inspections, and masonry repair. Contact us today by filling out our contact form or by calling us at any of the numbers below.

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