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Is Chimney Cleaning Always Essential?

Regular chimney cleaning services are essential if you burn wood in your fireplace. Gas fireplaces, on the other hand, do not typically cause dirty chimneys. No matter what type of fuel is used in your heating appliance, chimney inspections are needed annually. Creosote is what makes chimney cleaning always necessary for anyone with a wood-burning heating appliance.

creosote removal, Magnolia txWhy is it Necessary to Remove Creosote?

Creosote is a byproduct of wood fires. It is highly flammable and tar-like. If chimney cleaning is neglected when a wood-burning appliance is used season after season, creosote buildup continues with one layer after another. It is easy for a chimney fire to get started as a result of a hot ember coming in contact with creosote. Another risk created by failing to clean a dirty chimney is that creosote will obstruct the chimney. More about these dangers follows.

The Danger of Chimney Fires

One of the most dangerous myths about chimneys is that chimney fires can be helpful because they can replace the cost of chimney cleaning services. That is completely wrong because, in reality, chimney fires are very destructive. Anytime there has been a chimney fire, it is crucial to schedule a chimney inspection before using the appliance again. Chimney fires nearly always cause damage.

It is common for chimney fires to cause chimney liner damage. The liner needs to be repaired or replaced before using the fireplace or wood stove again. An essential function of chimney liners is to safely contain the heat and gases created by fires, and any damage to flue liners means life-saving protections are gone.

The more creosote there is to feed a chimney fire, the greater the danger there is. Intense chimney fires destroy chimney liners and quickly spread into homes, a type of event that occurs in thousands of U.S. residences every year.

The Danger of a Blocked Chimney

Toxic fumes are unable to escape to the out-of-doors if layers of creosote block the chimney draft. This puts occupants of the house in danger because exposure to toxic fumes can cause health complications. Most importantly, carbon monoxide is a type of toxic gas created in home fires, and it is deadly, putting all occupants at risk.

Complications of Chimney Cleaning

The job of chimney sweeping includes the very real risks associated with climbing onto and working on a roof. There is only one type of creosote that can be cleaned using nothing more than an effective professional chimney cleaning brush. There are two other forms of creosote that need more than a brush. Special equipment is required to remove second-level creosote that resembles black corn flakes and third-level creosote that looks like someone poured tar down the chimney.

When third-level creosote cannot be removed, chimney sweep technicians typically advise customers to have a stainless-steel chimney liner installed. The stainless-steel liner often comes with a lifetime warranty, and it is safe to install both the liner and the insulation around it directly over the existing creosote that remains inside the flue being replaced.

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