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Causes of Chimney Damage & Importance of Masonry Repair

Brick damage may not be obvious from a ground view of your rooftop chimney. However, chimney masonry damage is a common problem, and masonry repair is crucial if you want to prolong the life of your chimney. It is important to call on qualified chimney sweeps for routine chimney inspections and masonry repairs. In the Houston TX and Conroe areas, homeowners trust the licensed chimney professionals at Guardian Chimney Sweep.

The bottom line is that, as sturdy as chimneys appear to be, they are highly vulnerable to damage. Moisture is the primary culprit, but there are other common reasons for chimney brick damage, as well, as shown below.

Chimney Cap Replacement, Spring TXMoisture Intrusion

Bricks can soak up moisture like sponges. So, multiple components of a properly built chimney help to protect the structure from moisture intrusion. Unfortunately, each of those components is subject to damage. For instance, the chimney crown at the top of the chimney prevents water from getting between the brick exterior and the flue liner.

But it is highly common for chimney crowns to develop cracks. Unless prompt chimney crown repairs are made, moisture intrusion becomes a foregone conclusion.

The following are more of the ways that moisture commonly enters a chimney system, resulting in brick damage and a need for masonry repair:

  • No chimney cap
  • Improperly installed or damaged chimney flashing
  • Mortar deterioration
  • The flow of rainfall inundates the chimney walls with moisture
  • Cracks develop in the masonry

Chimney Cracks

Obviously, brick damage in the form of large chimney cracks also contributes to the problem of moisture intrusion. Chimney cracks occur due to such things as the settling of the structure, extreme weather events, and extensive failure of the mortar. Without prompt masonry repair, chimney cracks can quickly cause major issues.

Chimney Tuckpointing, Conroe TXIs it Important to Repair Brick Damage?

The reason moisture intrusion is so destructive to bricks has to do with freezing and thawing cycles. When moisture is inside of a brick, it expands and contracts during the winter season’s fluctuating temperatures. This movement ultimately destroys the structure of the brick. The flattening of multiple bricks leads to a leaning chimney and, finally, a chimney collapse.

However, homeowners who are careful to schedule masonry repair can usually avoid a complete chimney masonry rebuild. For instance, qualified chimney masons can oftentimes replace deteriorating mortar with a procedure called “tuckpointing.”

The cost of tuckpointing is far less expensive than partial or complete chimney masonry rebuilds. Chimney experts can recognize the various initial signs of moisture intrusion and make repairs when problems are in the early stages.

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