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Is Your Chimney Leaning?

While the Leaning Tower of Pisa is a charming tourist attraction, a leaning chimney in your Houston-area home is a cause for concern. Unlike the famous tower, which has undergone extensive reinforcement, a leaning chimney can pose a severe safety hazard. In Greater Houston, including Conroe, Pasadena, Sugar Land, and The Woodlands, homes with fireplaces are common, and chimney problems can arise. Here’s what to do if your chimney is leaning:

leaning chimney in Houston txWhy Does My Chimney Lean

So, why is your chimney leaning to begin with? Our Certified Chimney Professional® will need to perform a thorough inspection, but there could be several reasons: improper construction, foundation settling, seismic activity, and water damage, to name a few.

Weak Foundation 

The chimney weighs several tons of bricks. If the foundation supporting it is weak, cracked, or improperly built, it can settle unevenly, causing the chimney to tilt.

Soil Movement

Shifting soil due to drought, heavy rain, or poor drainage can affect the chimney’s footing, causing it to lean.

Water Damage

Water infiltration through cracks in the mortar or damaged flashing can weaken the chimney’s structure and contribute to leaning.

Deterioration/Brick Spall

Over time, mortar joints can crumble, and bricks can spall or become loose, causing instability and a potential lean.

Improper Construction

In some cases, improper construction, using substandard materials or an off-center chimney, can lead to leaning.

What to Do If Your Chimney Is Leaning

Even a slightly tilted chimney needs an inspection as soon as possible. The damage to the stack depends on the degree of the lean and its cause. Otherwise, a leaning chimney can worsen and collapse, potentially damaging your roof and walls or injuring someone. 

  • Stop Using the Fireplace: Using a compromised chimney can be dangerous. Avoid using your heating appliance until the chimney is inspected and repaired.
  • Call Guardian Home Services (Houston area): A professional chimney sweep can assess the cause and severity of the tilt and determine whether it needs repair or rebuilding. They can also check for other potential problems, like flue damage.
  • Temporary Structural Support: Your chimney professional may recommend temporary bracing to prevent further leaning while implementing a permanent solution.

Remember, a leaning chimney is a safety hazard. By acting quickly, you can mitigate future damage for the safety of your Houston-area home and family.

We Fix Leaning Chimneys from Conroe to Pasadena, TX

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leaning chimney in Woodlands TX

We guarantee our services and provide detailed written estimates for any work. Our Certified Chimney Professional® will also include images, including video, if applicable, and answer any questions. You’ll see why we love our customers. 

Don’t wait for your chimney to tilt like a leaning tower. Call us today at the telephone number closest to your Southeast Texas home or complete our online contact form to schedule a professional cleaning and inspection.