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What Does A Chimney Sweep Service Provide?

The best way to describe what a chimney sweep service provides is to say that reliable chimney sweeps provide peace of mind. The issues a chimney sweep addresses include cutting home maintenance costs and keeping your home and family safe. These are the matters that tend to keep us up at night. Read on for more insights on how a dependable chimney sweep service provides peace of mind.

Chimneys Are Vulnerable

houston tx chimney specialists inspectionAlthough chimney stacks give rooftops a stately appearance and evoke the pleasures of home fires, they are actually very vulnerable to damage. The trickiest aspect of chimneys is that it is often not immediately obvious that a chimney is undergoing deterioration at an accelerated pace. You may not know there is a problem with moisture in the masonry system until, for example, the ceilings and walls near the chimney become stained from a chimney leak. Chimney flashing is one of the components of a chimney that chimney sweeps are called about most often. Chimney flashing is prone to leak. When a flashing leak goes undetected, the wood in the roof structure can rot. There have been times when entire roofs have needed to be replaced because of a flashing leak.

The way chimney sweeps can help to avoid this type of catastrophic damage is by conducting chimney inspections. Schedule these inspections annually, as recommended by fire safety experts, and you could save untold amounts of money on chimney repairs. Certified chimney sweeps are able to spot signs of damage that laypersons often do not recognize. When needed chimney repairs are made early, the cost is far less expensive than waiting until problems worsen. The bottom line is that chimney sweeps save you money as long as you schedule regular maintenance.

Chimney Sweeps Help Ensure Safety

Every year dangerous house fires occur because occupants of homes failed to schedule a chimney inspection. When you schedule an inspection, the entire venting system is checked for problems that a homeowner would otherwise not know about.

A common issue that results in house fires is chimney obstruction. When homeowners blindly use their fireplaces without knowing whether the chimney is good to go, devastating damage can occur. Tragically, some home fires caused by lack of chimney maintenance result in fatalities.

Certified chimney sweeps have all the training needed to provide reliable chimney services such as chimney cleaning, chimney inspections, chimney repairs, masonry repair, and much more.

Detecting Chimney Liner Damage

Chimney liners are essential chimney components that must be damage-free to be effective. Because liners run the full length of a chimney, it is virtually impossible to identify damage without the help of chimney sweeps. During a Level 2 chimney inspection, a special camera is used to examine all sides of a liner from top to bottom. If there is even the smallest crack in a liner, the home is exposed to deadly toxic fumes and the potential for a home fire caused by combustible materials being exposed to extreme heat.

Benefits of Chimney Sweeping

local chimney sweeps in houston txCleaning the flammable creosote out of a chimney is not always as simple as using a professional chimney cleaning brush. There are three types of creosote and only one type is removed easily. The other two types of creosote are more difficult to remove and require additional equipment and supplies. Removing creosote buildup caused by wood fires is a crucial safety issue because the more creosote buildup there is, the greater the risk of a chimney fire. Hot embers that float up the chimney can ignite the creosote, creating a dangerous chimney fire. The creosote continually feeds the flames. Oftentimes chimney liners are completely destroyed by chimney fires, which leads to hazardous house fires.

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