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Early Chimney Sweeping Before the Fall Rush

Every chimney you see in Texas neighborhoods requires an annual chimney sweep appointment, and fall is when they most commonly occur. Fire safety experts urge homeowners not only to have annual inspections but also to schedule a chimney cleaning. Imagine how busy the chimney experts at your favorite chimney sweep company would be if fireplace safety became a major priority among residents in your community! Even with many people neglecting chimney safety, a “fall rush” is an annual chimney sweep phenomenon. Scheduling early enough to beat the rush is highly recommended.

Fall Chimney Sweep Services in Conroe, TXWhy Avoid the Fall Rush?

The “fall rush” in the chimney industry stretches from early October through January. During that time, chimney professionals stay busy with repairs, chimney cleaning, chimney maintenance, hearth installations, and other chimney services. Scheduling the chimney sweep company or technician of your choice can be difficult, and getting a convenient time is nearly impossible. You could end up missing out on the enjoyment of your fireplace or stove on one of the rare truly cold Texas days in winter.

It’s wise not to use a fireplace when the condition of the chimney is unknown. Every year, thousands of house fires occur as a result of fireplaces being used when the chimney was obstructed. Oftentimes, a heavy presence of flammable creosote is ignited in the chimney flue.

The creosote continually feeds the fire until it finally breaks down the flue system and spreads into the home. This issue is a major reason to beat the fall rush. If you wait until the last minute to schedule an appointment with a chimney sweep, you could miss out on some cozy fires as you wait to ensure the safety of your home and family.

What is Involved During a Chimney Cleaning?

If you don’t know what to expect, it is only natural to be concerned that chimney sweeps may cause a mess inside your home. After all, soot, creosote, and fireplace ashes are awfully messy substances. There is no need to be worried, however, as long as you hire professional chimney sweeps.

Chimney experts have the equipment, experience, and know-how to perform the job of chimney sweeping while keeping your home as clean as it was when they arrived.

There is a part you can play in protecting your home. Before the chimney sweep arrives to clean your chimney:

  • Move decorative items off of your mantel and away from the hearth area so that they aren’t inadvertently damaged.
  • Pull furniture away from the area and cover it with a tarp, as an added protection.
  • Consider covering the flooring around the hearth, though chimney experts typically use a drop cloth to protect floors.
  • Clear a path from your home’s entryway to the fireplace to make room for the equipment your chimney sweep will carry in to get the job done.

Call Guardian to Beat the Fall RushFall Chimney Cleaning in Houston, TX

Guardian Chimney Sweeps is a trusted company in Conroe and the entire Greater Houston area. We provide reliable, no-nonsense, and affordable chimney sweep services. Customer satisfaction is always a top priority. Beat the fall rush! Give us a call today to schedule your annual chimney inspection and chimney cleaning. Sometimes repairs are needed, and you’ll want to have chimney repairs made before the fall rush, as well. Contact Guardian Chimney Sweeps today by emailing us at guardianchimneysweep@yahoo.com or by calling us at one of the numbers below.

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