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Fall is the Time for Gas Fireplace Maintenance

Autumn is perfect for more than football, festivals, and all things pumpkin spice. Fall is a great time for gas fireplace maintenance, as well. Gas fireplaces are oh-so-cozy and convenient that homeowners sometimes forget about upkeep. However, fire safety experts strongly recommend scheduling annual gas fireplace maintenance provided by chimney sweep professionals. Guardian Chimney Sweep is trusted by homeowners in the Houston TX and Conroe areas for gas fireplace maintenance every fall.

Gas Fireplace Services Conroe, TXHow Important is Gas Fireplace Maintenance?

Certain risks are involved with using solid fuel appliances such as gas fireplaces. Precautions are needed to ensure the safety of your home and family as you enjoy your fireplace. Gas fireplace maintenance is essential, whether performed in the fall or in summer, when homeowners can beat the crowds and more likely schedule services at the most convenient times.

Maintaining a false sense of security about the condition of a gas fireplace can have disastrous results. The potential dangers associated with improperly installed and deteriorating gas fireplaces include gas leaks, explosions, and carbon monoxide poisoning. A thorough checklist of services is included with gas fireplace maintenance that helps to ensure safe use throughout fall and winter. A chimney sweep professional should perform the tasks due to their training and knowledge about what is required for fireplace safety.

What Does Gas Fireplace Maintenance Involve?

Chimney sweeps typically have a checklist to make sure all steps are followed in performing gas fireplace maintenance properly. The following are among the important tasks involved:

■ The gas logs are removed and a vacuum is used to thoroughly clean out all debris.

■ The gas logs, grate, burner, and other components are checked for damage to determine if repair or replacement is needed.

■ The thermocouple is cleaned, this helps to keep the pilot light burning and the fireplace functioning well.

■ The burners are cleared of debris such as dust and spiderwebs.

■ The glass front of the fireplace is cleaned.

■ The  glass assembly is checked. If damaged or worn, glass assembly replacement may be needed.

■ The incoming gas pressure is checked, and the gas valve is adjusted as needed for proper operation.

■ The gas fireplace is reassembled.

Chimney Inspection in Houston,TXGas Fireplace Chimneys and Vents

If you have a chimney, it can be a time-saver to schedule an annual chimney inspection and gas fireplace maintenance at the same time. An annual chimney inspection is recommended by experts in fire safety. This is true whether the chimney is the venting system for a gas or wood-burning fireplace and even if it is not used at all.

Masonry chimneys are prone to damage due to moisture intrusion. Ongoing chimney maintenance cuts home maintenance expenses in the long run by preventing major damage from occurring. If you have a direct-vent fireplace, checking the venting system and removing blockages are included in the gas fireplace maintenance services your chimney sweep company will provide.

Call Guardian for Fall Gas Fireplace Maintenance

Contact Guardian Chimney Sweep for fall gas fireplace maintenance and all chimney services, as many Houston and Conroe area homeowners do. We are experts with experience in chimney flue replacement, chimney inspections, chimney leak repair, masonry repair, masonry rebuilds, fireplace installation, chimney cleaning, and more. Beat the fall rush! Contact Guardian today by filling out our contact form or by calling us at any of the following numbers:

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