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Why You Should Hire A Chimney Sweep Now

Now is the best time to hire a chimney sweep for a chimney inspection, chimney cleaning, and chimney repairs. Waiting for autumn could mean missing out on the enjoyment of your fireplace when wintry weather finally rolls back around. Is it important to you to ensure the soundness and safety of your chimney venting system without delaying the enjoyment of your fireplace? If so, the following are sure reasons to hire a chimney sweep now.

Acidic Creosote

creosote clean up, chambers texasCreosote deposits in your chimney flue can cause premature corrosion because they are highly acidic, in addition to being toxic. Creosote can also cause your fireplace to be smelly during the heat of spring and summer. If you notice odors coming from your fireplace during the offseason, the smelliness is evidence of excess creosote in the chimney flue. Without regular chimney cleaning, creosote can build up in layers until the flue is obstructed. A dirty chimney is the number one reason behind thousands of chimney fires that occur every year, and obstruction of the flue caused by creosote buildup is the most common problem.

The Dilemma of Moisture Intrusion

Although chimneys typically look quite sturdy, masonry is highly vulnerable to gradual destruction caused by moisture intrusion. It is rarely obvious that moisture has recently infiltrated the masonry system. If you schedule an annual chimney inspection, certified chimney sweeps can spot the different signs that water is in the masonry. Damage caused by the moisture can be minimized by catching the problem as soon as possible.

The following are some of the ways moisture commonly gets into chimney masonry:

  • There are cracks in the chimney
  • The mortar has worn away
  • The chimney crown at the top of the chimney has deteriorated
  • The chimney flashing was installed incorrectly

The biggest problem with moisture intrusion occurs as a result of freezing and thawing cycles in winter. The water expands and contracts, which causes movement inside the masonry. This results in the irreversible destruction of bricks, and the chimney will eventually begin leaning. A leaning chimney can easily collapse due to the sheer weight of the structure.

Signs of Moisture Intrusion

It can take a while for moisture intrusion in the masonry to result in an obvious chimney leak. The following are earlier signs that you could detect in time to prevent major chimney damage:

  • There is white staining on the chimney, which is called “efflorescence.”
  • You see bits of broken mortar around or below the chimney or inside the hearth.
  • You can see large cracks in the chimney masonry.
  • There is no chimney cap installed at the top of the flue.
  • You can see that various components inside your hearth are rusty.
  • There is a sound of dripping water inside your chimney.

It’s Time for an Inspection

chimney inspection, fort bend txIf it has been about a year since the last chimney inspection, now is the time to contact a qualified chimney sweep. Even unused chimneys need to be inspected annually, according to experts at all leading fire safety organizations, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) included.

Contact Guardian Chimney Sweeps

Qualified chimney sweeps like the CSIA-certified chimney experts at Guardian Chimney Sweeps typically have tight schedules as fall arrives every year. It is much easier to make a convenient appointment for chimney services during spring and summer, when fireplaces and chimneys may not be out of sight, but they are often out of mind. When chimney repairs such as masonry rebuilds are needed, the best results are produced when the weather is warm. Contact Guardian Chimney Sweeps to hire a chimney sweep now. Call the number for your area listed below, whether Conroe or the Greater Houston Area.

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