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How Is My Chimney Leaking?

There are many reasons why your chimney could be leaking. If caught soon enough, it may be an easy fix. Letting it go or ignoring it can cost much more than initially thought. Contact Guardian Chimney Sweep to assess the situation and come up with a solution. Let’s discuss the many reasons why your chimney may be leaking.

tuckpointing repairs in Conroe TXAged Bricks and Mortar

Over time the bricks and mortar of the fireplace will start to get saturated with water. The cap and crown cannot protect the entire chimney. During heavy rain your chimney takes abuse. Snow accumulation on your roof can age your bricks as well. Bricks are porous. If not sealed water will accumulate, saturate, and start to leak into your home.

How to prevent this:

Contact Guardian Chimney for tuckpointing or repointing, then they can seal the bricks with masonry water repellent. You can have this waterproofing technique applied yearly with your annual inspection.

Roof Issues

A flashing surrounds the chimney where it hits the roof. This helps to guide the water away from your chimney. The flashing is a thin metal. Over time, with harsh weather, the flashing can rip and break away from the chimney causing a leak.

How to prevent this:

You will need your flashing repaired or replaced by a trained chimney sweep.

Leaking From Within

Condensation and moisture accumulate in your home. When it is cold outside and the warm humid air from inside comes together you will get condensation. When a fire is lit in your fireplace the cold and the warm coming together will produce condensation. Some older homes do not have chimney liners. With this buildup of condensation, you are likely to get some leaking. Usually in areas around your fireplace.

How to prevent this:

You should call for a chimney inspection right away! You may need to have a new chimney liner installed or complete other repairs. A chimney professional can inspect and give you the best options for fixing the leak.

Rain Entering Through the Chimney

The most common reason for leaks is the rain that pours down the chimney. A cap or cover works to prevent rain from coming down your chimney. But also to protect the fireplace from debris or small animals from coming in.

How to prevent this:

Most likely your chimney cap is damaged or missing! Our technicians are trained and can easily install a new chimney cap. They can also educate you about the best options for your particular situation.

Professional Chimney Video Inspection in Spring TXSchedule a chimney inspection

We will be available to service you at a time that works best for you. Our chimney experts are ready to provide many services to you. Including chimney masonry repairs, flashing repairs, chimney cleaning, fireplace installation, and more. Contact us today. Don’t let a leak go on for too long. Taking care of any issue as you see them will be less costly than if you wait. So, call us today. Use our online contact form or call us at one of the numbers below.

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