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Why Are Chimney Inspections Important?

Chimney Inspections in Houston TXYou have been enjoying your fireplace all winter long. The warmer weather is upon us. We are seeing signs of spring everywhere. This is not the time to forget about your fireplace. Now is the time to call Guardian Chimney Sweep for your annual chimney sweep and inspection. Booking your appointment in the early spring is preferable. This will give you the flexibility to confirm a time that works for you.  

There are many reasons that you should take care of your chimney and get it inspected on an annual basis. Let us discuss what our technicians can find.

  • Creosote buildup. Over time a thick black substance will accumulate on the surface of your fireplace. This substance is creosote. Creosote needs to be cleaned out to protect you and your family from chimney fires. The longer you wait to have it cleaned the higher chances of a chimney fire.
  • Obstructions. Many things can obstruct your chimney. Twigs and leaves can get caught in the chimney. Small animals may find their way into the warmth of your chimney. An obstruction can cause toxic vapors to filter into your home. This can be dangerous if breathed in. Any obstruction can also act as a Firestarter. If you are unaware that there is something obstructing the chimney it can catch fire. 
  • Unseen trouble. Chances are you aren’t going to climb up a ladder to check the status of your crown, Flue liner or masonry. (We also don’t advise it).  These are all areas of your chimney that need a visual inspection. A trained technician has all the equipment to be able to view your chimney. We will inspect from top to bottom and determine if there is any need for repair. 
  • Homeowners insurance warranty. You may not realize but many homeowner insurances require an annual chimney inspection. Check out your policy. Your insurance may not cover damages from a house fire. Many insurance companies require you to kept up with your chimney inspections. Don’t be caught without it. 

Types of Inspections

There are 3 levels of inspection. Let us go over the three. Contact Guardian Chimney Sweep for full details as to what they offer.

  • Level I – A level I inspection checks the parts of the chimney and fireplace that are readily available. 
  • Level II – During this level inspection the technician will use video scanning to view the inside of your chimney. They will be looking for any internal damages. 
  • Level III – After Level I and Level II inspections were complete. If damage was found the technician would consider moving onto a Level III inspection. This would include a partial take down of the chimney to determine what if any further repair is needed.  

Chimney Inspections in Spring TXKeeping up with your chimney inspection should be an annual event for you. By doing this you are sure to continue using your fireplace with confidence that you are safe.  

It may be time for your chimney inspection. Call us at 888-306-6069, in Conroe 936- 271-9781, or in Houston at 713-401-2011

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