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Most Common Fireplace Repairs

Whether your home has a gas or wood-burning fireplace, annual chimney inspections and cleaning will help keep fireplace repairs to a minimum. However, even regular maintenance, masonry, and manufactured fireplaces can still experience problems requiring repairs. Some of the most common fireplace repairs we perform in the Greater Houston region include firebox rebuilding, chimney crown rebuilding, chimney cap/chase cover installation, and damper replacement.

Chimney Cap/Chase Cover Replacement

A masonry fireplace needs a chimney cap or flue cover, and a manufactured chimney needs a chase cover. Chimney caps and chase covers are essential – they help protect your chimney and venting system from the elements, keeping rain, pests, and debris from entering your home through the fireplace. Over time, rust or weather damage will require repair or replacement. A Guardian chimney professional will help you choose the perfect chimney cap or chase cover and install it properly, so you can have peace of mind knowing your chimney and fireplace are protected.

gas fireplace masonry repairs in spring hill txFireplace Masonry Repair

The hearth of your fireplace is the masonry that surrounds the fireplace. It is built with brick, stone, or concrete, and it can chip, flake, and crack over time. You may even notice black sooty or creosote deposits. These issues increase the risk of further damaging the fireplace and can even become a fire or health hazard. So, if you see any gaps in the interior or even the exterior masonry, call Guardian Home Services right away. Our experienced professionals will make the necessary repairs that will save your fireplace (and chimney) from further damage or rebuilding.

Pilot Light Failure

Gas fireplaces are a popular home feature, especially in newer homes in Conroe, The Woodlands, and surrounding suburban Houston communities.

Many of these are manufactured or masonry fireplaces that the builder initially installed. After a few years of use, you may notice that the pilot light either isn’t staying lit or doesn’t light at all. When dealing with a gas appliance, calling a professional is safer than attempting a DIY repair.

Firebox Rebuilding

When your firebox is beginning to show signs of wear, it may need repair or rebuilding. The firebox is where the fire show glows. But over time, the firebrick deteriorates. It is often due to several factors, including age, moisture, corrosion, and spelling. In addition, sometimes fireboxes are built improperly using standard brick and mortar instead of firebrick and refractory mortar. So, anytime you see chipping, cracking, or missing bricks or mortar, it’s time to call your Guardian Chimney Professional. We’ll inspect the firebox and recommend the best course of action so you can safely enjoy the warmth of your hearth.

Fireplace Damper Replacement

The damper is another common fireplace repair in Brazos County, Harris County, and other areas in South Texas. The fireplace damper is a steel or iron plate in the chimney’s throat (just above the firebox) that regulates airflow in the fireplace. The damper should seal completely shut when closed to prevent indoor air from escaping up the chimney. However, it should also open easily to allow harmful gases to escape when using your wood-burning or gas fireplace. If the damper is not sealing properly or is difficult to operate, repair or replacement is necessary.

Fireplace repairs in Houston txGuardian Fireplace Repairs in South Texas

Protect your manufactured or masonry chimney with expert fireplace repairs by Guardian Chimney Sweep. Our certified professionals perform masonry repairs, chimney cap replacement, chase cover installation, firebox rebuilding, and other common (and not so common) fireplace repairs in Conroe, Houston, Beaumont, Bayview, Port Arthur, and throughout South Texas. To schedule a visit, contact us at the phone number below near you.

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