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5 Reasons to Get Your Chimney Cleaned & Inspected Before Fall

The end of summer is at hand, and now is the time to prepare for the comfort and joy of warm fires in chilly weather. Below are five reasons to get your chimney cleaned and inspected before fall. A cold and icy winter season is predicted, even for Texas. In the Greater Houston and Conroe areas, the chimney technicians at Guardian Chimney Sweep are trusted professionals to call for chimney inspections and cleaning. Below, learn five of the many benefits of scheduling these services before fall.professional chimney cleaning in Houston tx

Prevent the Dangers of Chimney Obstructions

The first use of the fireplace in a cold season is often the one that ignites a destructive chimney fire, and obstructions are typically the cause. Chimneys often have blockage inside the flue. Obstructions are caused by such things as:

  • Animals and their nests
  • Debris such as sticks and leaves
  • The buildup of creosote

Whatever is causing chimney blockage, chimney sweeps are the right experts to address the issue. They have experience and training in animal removal. Creosote comes in three forms, and only one kind of creosote buildup is easy to remove. The most problematic kind looks as though hot tar was poured inside the flue. Chimney pros have the equipment and know-how to remove all types of creosote. Actually, creosote in the hot tar-like form is sometimes impossible to remove. Because of the highly flammable nature of creosote, a flue liner replacement is usually recommended for those situations.

Besides the danger of a chimney fire, you can also escape potentially deadly exposure to carbon monoxide when chimney blockage is removed.

Meet Insurance Requirements

Many insurance policies don’t cover damage related to your fireplace unless you keep up with annual chimney maintenance. Tragically, people have lost their homes due to out-of-control chimney fires. The devastation often isn’t covered by insurance because there had been no annual chimney inspection or chimney cleaning. This is possibly the most convincing of reasons to get your chimney cleaned and inspected before fall.

Win the Battle Against Moisture Damage

Brick masonry is spongelike in nature, and it can be very costly when moisture gets inside. The mortar, chimney crown, chimney flashing, and chimney cap are all designed to be sure there is no moisture intrusion. But all these chimney components eventually fail to do their jobs if chimney maintenance is neglected. 

Moisture causes more damage to chimneys than anything else. The problem is that any bricks containing moisture must be replaced. During freezing and thawing cycles of winter, the water inside the bricks expands and contracts, causing destructive movement. Yet, it isn’t obvious for possibly a long time that moisture has infiltrated a chimney system. By the time moisture damage is discovered, a complete masonry rebuild may be required.

So, another of the reasons to get your chimney cleaned and inspected before fall is so that a chimney expert is given the chance to discover evidence that the chimney needs repair. Moisture intrusion can potentially be avoided with annual chimney inspections and chimney cleaning. Waterproofing provides an extra layer of defense against moisture.

The Flue Liner May be Damaged

The chimney flue or liner provides important protection against sudden housefires and unsuspected exposure to carbon monoxide. If there is any damage to the flue, repair or replacement is needed. It’s difficult to spot flue liner damage. So, the help of chimney sweeps is important. A professional chimney sweep can let you know the condition of your chimney flue and whether special camera equipment should be used to make a proper evaluation.

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Beat the Rush!

Every year, the chimney sweeps at Guardian Chimney Sweep are more in demand than the year before. Our solid reputation and guaranteed chimney services have opened up continuing opportunities to serve homeowners and businesses. Like all reputable chimney sweep companies, fall is the beginning of our busiest season. If you read between the lines, there are plenty more than 5 reasons to get your chimney cleaned and inspected before fall, but convenient scheduling is among them.

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