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Storm Damage and Other Chimney Problems

Your fireplace may be idle when the family is enjoying summer fun, but your chimney likely needs attention. Chimney problems in summer are common, though homeowners often don’t find out until a chimney sweep performs an inspection. Catching chimney troubles early can save serious money on maintenance costs. The CSIA-certified chimney sweeps at Guardian Chimney Sweep are trusted experts, and they are more available at your convenience in summer.

Chimney Storm Damage Houston, TXChimney issues can be resolved less expensively when fireplaces aren’t in use. Storm prep for chimneys can also be important. Hurricane season runs from June 1 through November. Below, learn about common chimney problems in summer and how certified chimney experts at Guardian Chimney Sweep can help. Included is information on chimney damage typically caused by major storms.

Masonry Damage

Brick masonry is vulnerable to moisture damage year-round, even though chimneys are built to keep out moisture. Unfortunately, most exterior chimney components are prone to deteriorate. For instance, the mortar between bricks is a protective system. When the mortar begins to flake and crack, action needs to be taken. Otherwise, moisture will enter the chimney system. Each brick in which moisture intrusion occurs is on a sure course to eventual collapse. This is because the moisture in the bricks freezes and thaws (expands and contracts) during winter cycles. The movement breaks up the structural integrity of the bricks. Tuckpointing is less expensive than tearing out and replacing damaged bricks. It is a procedure in which old mortar is removed and then replaced with fresh mortar. When qualified chimney sweeps have finished with the tuckpointing process, a chimney structure has like-new structural strength and appearance. Tuckpointing can only be performed, however, if moisture has not yet entered the masonry system. Other chimney components that often need to be repaired or replaced due to deterioration include the chimney crown, chimney flashing, and the chimney cap.

Bad Odors

During the heat of summer, bad smells may begin to emanate from your fireplace. The two most common causes of a stinky fireplace are creosote and animals. Creosote is a highly flammable combustion byproduct left inside the chimney flue each time firewood is burned. Excessive buildup of creosote can result in sooty smells invading your home interior. The solution is to schedule chimney cleaning to remove creosote. Chimney cleaning could also remove a dangerous chimney obstruction caused by creosote buildup.

A stinky chimney may also be caused by animals or birds who made their way inside your chimney flue. Raccoons, squirrels, bats, birds, and snakes are among the animals commonly found in chimneys. The bad odors from animals are usually caused by their waste. Sometimes an animal dies in a chimney, which creates horrific smells. Whether you need help with a live animal, removal of animal waste, or dead animal removal, call chimney sweeps to do the work. Exposure to toxic materials is involved, and qualified chimney technicians have the training to get the job done safely.

Storm Prep for Chimneys

The Houston and Conroe areas served by Guardian Chimney Sweep are under the potential threat of hurricanes every year. High winds and other types of severe weather often damage chimney flashing, chimney masonry, and/or the chimney cap. Prepare for storms by ensuring that the chimney cap is secure for keeping rain out of your chimney flue. Have the flashing checked to ensure that it isn’t already loose. Make needed masonry repairs. After a storm with violent winds has passed, schedule a chimney check with the certified chimney sweeps at Guardian. Further problems can be avoided by repairing damage before worse deterioration occurs.

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Guardian Chimney Sweep proudly serves residential and commercial clients in Conroe TX, Houston, and surrounding communities. Taking care of chimney problems in summer is highly recommended. It’s a cost-saving measure and makes sure your fireplace is safe to use and ready for every icy day in winter. To schedule chimney services, fill out our contact form or call us at any of the numbers below:

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