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Substances that Lurk in Chimneys

You don’t have to visit the Mouth of Truth stone carving in Rome, Italy, to have a scary place you can stick your hands. The fear that a liar’s hand will be bitten off by the statue is based on long-disproved legend. In your own home, you could place your hand past the damper and into the throat of your dark chimney and possibly discover unknown truths! But it is easier to just call a chimney expert like Guardian Chimney Sweeps, serving the Greater Houston Area. The truth is there can be some nasty stuff lurking above your fireplace and you don’t even know it.

Professional Chimney chimney sweepCreosote

You may realize that creosote is what makes your chimney a big mess over time. The reason regular chimney cleaning is important is primarily because of creosote produced by wood fires. Did you know that creosote is highly flammable and the main cause of dangerous chimney fires? The thicker the layer of creosote in your chimney, the greater the chance that a chimney fire will occur. Dangerous and highly destructive house fires occur every year because of layers of creosote that catch fire and then feed raging chimney fires until the intensity of the flames is out of control.


Various types of critters are known for climbing, crawling, or flying into chimneys, where they may die, decay, and cause an unimaginable stench.

Birds build nests in chimneys, creating a flammable obstruction. Raccoons are fond of having their litters of kits in chimneys and raising them there for a while. Anytime animals, birds, and snakes go into chimneys, they leave behind their waste, which can spread disease among humans. You can prevent animals from getting in by having a chimney cap installed over your flue, and chimney experts can help with that, too.


If your chimney has a barrier of some kind inside the flue, your family can become exposed to toxic gases when you light fires in the fireplace. Anytime combustion gases are unable to properly escape through the chimney, smoke is pushed back into the home. Among those toxic gases is deadly carbon monoxide, known as the Silent Killer. People who are exposed to carbon monoxide are completely unaware because they don’t feel any symptoms for a while and the gas is odorless, tasteless, and invisible.

Common chimney obstructions include layers of creosote, birds’ nests, leaves, tree branches, and bits of deteriorating masonry.


Professional Chimney SweepChimneys are highly susceptible to suffering moisture damage. If chimney maintenance is neglected, undetected moisture can do serious damage to the masonry and your home interior. The dark, dank chimney environment is just the kind of place mold thrives, as well. There are various forms of mold that can cause serious health issues, especially in children and the elderly, who are more susceptible.

Chimney Sweeps

Let our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps at Guardian Chimney Sweeps do the job of finding out what’s lurking in your chimney. We provide reliable chimney maintenance services as well as various home services that can also help to keep you, your family, and your home safe.


We are happy to say we have been around long enough for the truth to come out about us—we are trusted chimney professionals who tell no lies about repairs that are needed. Contact us, Guardian Chimney Sweeps, by giving us a call at one of the numbers below or by emailing us at guardianchimneysweep@yahoo.com today.

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