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Top Ways to Keep Your Chimney in Good Condition This Summer

Chimney masonry and other chimney components are susceptible to damage. There are several ways to keep your chimney in good condition in summer and make sure you’re ready for winter fires. Benefits of keeping up with chimney care include ensuring home safety, avoiding exorbitant repair costs, and maximizing the enjoyment of your
fireplace in winter.

Summer chimney maintenance is optimal timing for two primary reasons. First, masonry work sets best in summer and costs more in winter. Secondly, you can make sure any needed chimney repairs are completed in time for winter. Check out the following top ways to keep your chimney in good condition this summer.

Chimney Cap, Conroe TXChimney Cap Check, Repair, and Installation

A first line of defense against moisture, a chimney’s worst enemy, is a sound chimney cap. The chimney cap prevents rain, hail, sleet, and other precipitation from getting into your chimney system and your home. A chimney cap with mesh does even more, preventing leaves, acorns, branches, and animals from getting into your chimney flue. Harsh outdoor elements can damage chimney caps. Also, the lifespan of any chimney cap depends on the material it is made with. Contact the trusted chimney sweeps at Guardian Chimney Sweep to ensure that your chimney cap in the Houston, Conroe TX area is in a good state of repair.

Chimney Masonry Repairs

The many different components of the chimney exterior work together to keep moisture out, but each of those components is also prone to fail. Diligence is required to keep moisture out of the chimney system. When water infiltrates a brick, the freezing and thawing cycles of winter cause it to expand and contract, ultimately resulting in the collapse of the brick. Water infiltration will result in a leaning chimney unless timely masonry repairs are made.

Chimney Sweeping, Spring TXChimney Cleaning and Inspection

An annual chimney cleaning and chimney inspection are often handled at the same time because they are both considered essential for chimney upkeep. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, there could be excessive creosote buildup that causes blockage in the chimney flue.

Creosote needs to be removed routinely because it is highly flammable and increases the risk of a dangerous chimney fire. Chimney blockage is dangerous because it can cause toxic fumes to enter the home, including deadly carbon monoxide.

In addition, the operation of heating appliances is negatively affected. The fireplace may become smoky due to chimney blockage. The condition of a chimney flue is a crucial safety issue. If there is even a small crack in the liner, repair or replacement of the chimney lining is necessary. Too much potential risk is involved to assume that a chimney flue is free of flaws.

Contact Guardian for Chimney Services in Summer

At Guardian Chimney Sweep, our certified chimney professionals care about providing dependable chimney services. It’s always good when homeowners schedule chimney maintenance in summer and avoid the inevitable seasonal rush that begins in the fall. Contact us today to keep your chimney in good condition in summer and help ensure winter readiness with needed masonry repair, chimney cap installation, chimney cleaning, chimney inspections, chimney crown repair, flashing repair, a chimney liner replacement, and more! Fill out our contact form or call us at any of the numbers below today:
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