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What Kind of Fireplace Do I Have?

There are several reasons you may need the answer to the question: what kind of fireplace do I have? Perhaps you want an upgrade to your gas log set or screens. Replacement of fireplace doors may be needed. Many homeowners today are interested in converting their current fireplace, mostly to improve efficiency. Potential changes include switching out fuel types and having a fireplace insert installed. If you’ve purchased a new home, knowing what kind of fireplace you have is a vital safety issue. The following information answers the question, how can I tell what kind of fireplace I have?

Masonry Fireplace In Houston, TXMasonry Fireplace

It’s usually easy to tell if you have a masonry fireplace. They are built of brick, stone, or units of modular masonry. Brick and stone chimneys can be seen in the attic, and they extend up through the roof. Inside the chimney flue, you will typically see clay flue tiles, though sometimes you’ll see bricks. If you have a masonry fireplace, you have the appliance most adaptable to changes. You can typically switch the fuel type from wood to gas. A fireplace insert can be installed, which improves efficiency from about 10% at most to around 75% or more.

Wood-Burning Manufactured Fireplace

Most homes today have a manufactured fireplace that burns wood. These units can often be converted to gas. The conversion involves hooking up a gas log set, a gas insert, or fire glass to piped-in propane or natural gas. An advantage of manufactured fireplaces is that many can be safely installed within inches of combustible materials. It is always of utmost importance to hire professionals for fireplace installation.

The way you can identify a manufactured fireplace is by simply looking into the firebox. They are usually constructed with sheet metal. Up to three of the walls are made of ceramic material with a stone or brick pattern. Blowers are often attached. Another sure tell-tale sign is the round metal pipe that serves as the venting system.

Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces are engineered in factories, and they have precise fitting parts that cannot be substituted or changed. Gas fireplaces are similar to your gas stove or clothes dryer. The convenience of gas fireplaces has made them a highly popular choice. Enjoying a cozy fire with a charming ambiance is as easy as flipping a switch or adjusting a thermostat.

Direct Vent Manufactured Fireplace

No appliance is growing in popularity as quickly as direct-vent manufactured fireplaces, which are fueled by gas. The beauty of direct vent gas fireplaces is that they eliminate exposure to combustion fumes. They are typically vented through a nearby exterior wall, though sometimes they are installed through the roof. The way these fireplaces work is that air is piped in from outdoors and all combustion fumes are piped outdoors in a sealed system.

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