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Why Schedule a Chimney Inspection Before the Busy Season?

There are several important reasons to schedule a chimney inspection before the annual fall rush. Homeowners who recognize the importance of getting the fireplace and chimney ready for the coming winter tend to have the same last-minute timing. Do you dislike avoidable expenses and unnecessary inconvenience? They are among the reasons below to not join the masses who don’t consider why it’s important to schedule a chimney inspection before the chimney sweeps’ busy season. Some Guardian Chimney Sweep customers have caught on through the years, but there is still a huge spike in demand every autumn.

Chimney Inspections Conroe, TX1-Chimney blockages endanger homes and families each year

Without a chimney inspection, it’s impossible to be sure a fireplace is safe to use after it has been idle during all the warm months. There could be a serious buildup of creosote that increases the risk of a destructive chimney fire. It’s not always obvious that a chimney is dirty and in need of cleaning. Sadly, thousands of house fires occur each year as a direct result of dirty chimneys. Other types of obstruction are also common in chimneys, such as animals, birds’ nests, and debris such as leaves and twigs. Another danger caused by obstructions in the chimney is the potentially deadly exposure to carbon monoxide. That’s because blockage in the chimney pushes toxic combustion fumes back into the home. The removal of animals and animal debris can be hazardous to your health. Always call a qualified chimney sweep to find and remove chimney obstructions.

2-Chimney components that you can’t see may need repair

Water damage is the biggest reason for chimney repairs. Masonry chimneys are simply vulnerable to water intrusion and yet the damage may be unseen. When water gets into masonry, the freezing and thawing cycles of winter create movement that ultimately destroys the bricks, resulting in a leaning chimney. During chimney inspections, CSIA-certified chimney sweeps climb onto the roof and look for signs of deterioration that are known to result in water infiltration.

The crown is the white part at the top of the chimney structure. Chimney crowns are made with materials that are prone to crack under the onslaught of nature’s harsh elements.

Cracks in the masonry are common and occur for a variety of reasons, though you can’t always see the damage without a birds’-eye view. For example, the footing under the chimney structure may have shifted. If the mortar has expired and isn’t helping to keep out moisture, extensive water damage could form cracks in the chimney masonry.

Your chimney liner aka chimney flue may be damaged. If there is even a small crack, your home and family are endangered by continuing to use the fireplace. Chimney lining repair or replacement is a must when there has been deterioration. A Level 2 chimney inspection includes a video of the entire length of the flue so that any existing damage can be detected.

Chimney Repair Spring, TX

3-Use of your fireplace could be delayed because of needed repairs

The best-qualified chimney sweeps get busy with inspections in fall every year, and that makes it more difficult to conveniently schedule chimney repairs when they are needed. If you get in a position where chimney repairs are required in cold weather, the cost could be much higher because of the extra steps required to make sure the materials set properly. Taking care of major repairs during the chimney sweep rush is usually more costly than it would be during the offseason.

Contact Guardian Chimney Sweep—Best Time is Before the Fall Rush!

You can always count on the CSIA-certified chimney technicians at Guardian Chimney Sweep for dependable workmanship for all chimney services. If you want to ensure that your fireplace and chimney are safe and ready for winter, it’s important to schedule a chimney inspection before the busy fall season. Keep in mind that if something goes wrong and there are no records of routine chimney inspections, you may not get the desired home insurance coverage. Contact us for chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, chimney repair, masonry repair, chimney crown rebuilds, fireplace installation, and more. Contact Guardian Chimney Sweep online today or at any number below.

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