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Why Would My Chimney Be Leaking? 

So, you think that the leak you see is coming from the chimney? Chances are, you are correct. There are five main reasons that your chimney is leaking. Let us discuss these reasons and a fix.

chimney inspections in Houston, TXOpening at the top of your chimney

The most common reason is that you don’t have a cover or cap on the chimney. Rain, snow, and debris can get into your chimney if you do not have a cover on it. Small animals can make nests in your chimney causing blockages as well. A blockage won’t let toxins out and can cause danger to your family. 

The Fix: The easiest way to fix this is to contact Guardian Chimney Sweep. We will be happy to help you decide on a cap and have it inserted.

Condensation causing moisture

As you use your fireplace, gasses escape. This often causes condensation on the inside of your chimney. This is due to the wrong-size chimney liner. If the liner does not fit, condensation can develop between the chimney and the liner. This condensation can seep into your home through the chimney and cause water damage.

The Fix: By replacing the chimney liner, the problem should be solved. 

Leaking at the chimney flashing

The flashing is an integral part of the chimney. The flashing prevents water and snow from entering the attic. The flashing is made of two metal panels. One part is installed underneath the shingles and bent up against the brick near the chimney. A substance like tar is secured around the flashing so the water does not leak into the roof. The flashing as well as the tar does not last forever.

The Fix: Sometimes replacing the tar can help with the leak. You may have to replace the flashing if it is more than the tar. A chimney sweep can fix both of these if needed.

Bricks are Leaking

Bricks are porous. They absorb water. Bricks are exposed to the elements, water, and snow.  A sealant may be an option to help keep the water out. But pay close attention to when you apply the sealant. A sealant should be applied only if the bricks are dry. If sealed when wet, water will never escape causing these brings to decompose. 

The Fix: Always consult an expert for advice. Wait until the water has dried out of the bricks. At that point, a sealant can be applied. 

The Chimney Crown Has a Crack

The chimney crown is at the top of the chimney. It protects the chimney from water entering the home. Made out of cement, it can crack with wear allowing water to enter the chimney.

cracks in your chimney crown in Woodlands TXThe Fix: A chimney sweep can seal the crack to prevent further damage and leakage

When you are ready for help, call Guardian Chimney Sweep. You can reach us by calling toll-free 888-306-6069, in Conroe: 936-271-9781, or in Houston at 713-401-2011.

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