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Chimney Sweep In Houston TX

chimney sweep & cleaning in Houston TX

Guardian Chimney Sweeps has provided reliable expert chimney sweep and cleaning services in Houston TX and the surrounding area for more than two decades. Our certified chimney technicians provide all chimney services that may be needed, such as chimney cleaning, chimney inspections, chimney repair, masonry repair, and stove and insert installations. We also offer air duct cleaning, blown-in insulation services, and more.

chimney cleaning in Houston TXA dedication to excellence in workmanship and 100% customer satisfaction on every job is consistently evident in the work we do at Guardian Chimney Sweeps.

Expert Chimney Sweep

Chimney sweeping services are important to home safety for anyone with a fireplace or heating stove. Our Houston customers rely on our on-time services, whether we are performing chimney cleaning, conducting a chimney inspection, making repairs, or rebuilding the chimney. Our interest in and dedication to providing preventative home services are further evidence of our commitment to the safety of our Houston customers.

We are proud that our top-of-the-line chimney services have helped to earn us a BBB rating of A+. Our experts at Guardian Chimney Sweeps are also honored that thousands of our customers have referred us to their family, friends, and Houston neighbors.

The chimney sweep and cleaning services provided by Guardian Chimney Sweeps in Houston TX are affordable and yet they are always provided with the same high-level commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence in workmanship.

Chimney technicians at Guardian Chimney Sweeps are all certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). Certifications from CSIA signify professionalism, training, experience, and know-how. Our marked trucks can often be seen traveling throughout the Houston area, Interstate 10, I-69, the 610 loop, I-45, and the Grand Parkway.

Chimney sweeping and chimney cleaning services scheduled with Family-Owned Guardian Chimney Sweeps are handled as priority services. Dirty chimneys are leading causes of home fires related to heating appliances. We believe in the benefits of preventative measures and early detection of chimney problems in order to reduce the costs of chimney maintenance and help our customers avoid major costs for chimney upkeep.

chimney cleaning to remove creosote in Houston TXComplete Range Of Chimney Services In Houston TX

Guardian Chimney Sweeps provides the complete range of chimney services, such as chimney cleaning, home services, and masonry rebuilds and repairs. Throughout the Greater Houston TX area, we have earned a reputation as the most trusted chimney sweep company. The full gamut of chimney sweep services that we provide also include yearly chimney inspections, the rebuilding of historic chimneys, blown-in insulation services, chimney crown rebuilding and repair, and all chimney venting and fireplace needs.

Be Aware of Scammers! Because we continue to hear about Houstonians being scammed by swindlers focused on the chimney sweep industry, we like to remind our customers to beware of chimney prices that seem too good to be true. Those offering such prices are frequently among the unscrupulous crowd baiting homeowners to get their feet in the door. Their end game is to get fast money without delivering the goods because they do not know the industry nor how to correctly perform chimney sweep services.

The big payoff for these tricksters is to try an upsell in which they inform homeowners of huge repairs immediately needed for the sake of safety, provide pressure for upfront money, and never get any actual repairs done–though none may have been needed. If someone comes knocking or cold-calls you with tempting prices for chimney sweep services, we recommend getting a second opinion on major repairs and also doing research and ensuring that the chimney sweep company you hire is established, legitimate, and capable of performing the chimney services that you need in Houston TX.