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Why Now Is the Best Time for Chimney Repairs

Is it already on your home maintenance checklist? Because now is the best time for all your chimney repairs. Consider how quickly spring will soon fade into summer. Chimney masonry damage usually occurs in winter, but it isn’t always obvious until the damage has worsened. Chimney masonry repairs need to be made in warm weather because the materials won’t set in cold temperatures. Let’s sort this out in more detail below. Keep in mind that Guardian Chimney Sweep has the trust of homeowners throughout Houston TX and Conroe TX as concerns all chimney and venting matters.

Chimney Inspections in The Woodlands TXWhy is Winter Bad for Masonry?

Brick masonry is spongelike, and it takes a lot of effort to keep water out. Different chimney components all work together to prevent moisture intrusion, but each of those components eventually needs repair. The chimney crown, mortar, chimney flashing, and chimney cap, all deteriorate or become damaged. When those things happen, water will likely get into the masonry system. If repairs are made quickly, however, you can avoid further consequences.

In winter, the reason things get serious is because of freezing temperatures. If water has gotten into the masonry, after all, that’s bad. The water inside bricks expands and contracts during winter’s freezing and thawing cycles. Such movement breaks down the masonry and it will eventually collapse.

The cracks that develop in masonry during winter result in even more water intrusion. This is one of the best illustrations of the necessity of annual chimney inspections. All of these possible problems are common issues, and you can avoid the worst of them with routine maintenance and inspections. Definitely, now is the best time for chimney masonry repairs.

Why is Winter Bad for Making Repairs?

The mortar used when making any kind of masonry repair is obviously a necessity. The thing is that mortar doesn’t set in cold temperatures. Special methods are used when chimney masonry repairs in winter are unavoidable, but they involve greater expense with results that lack durability.

The Advantage of Tuckpointing

When you closely monitor the condition of your chimney with annual inspections, you save money on overall chimney maintenance costs. For example, a process called “tuckpointing” can be used instead of a partial or complete masonry rebuild. With tuckpointing, you get the advantage of major savings on repairs because the old mortar is simply scraped out and new mortar is added. Granted, only a professional chimney sweep knows how to perform the technique. But the chimney gets like-new structural integrity, and the old bricks have remained in place.

Remember, there is a catch! Tuckpointing can only be done if there is no existing moisture intrusion in the chimney system. As mentioned before, that’s not so easily accomplished. And, again, now is the best time to make chimney masonry repairs.

Keep Fires Burning in Winter

When you take care of any needed chimney repairs in spring or summer, the big payout comes in winter. Here in this corner of the Lone Star State, opportunities to enjoy warm fires in winter may not be as plenteous as they are in other sections of Texas, not to mention certain northern states. The bottom line is you surely don’t want to miss a single fireside memory this coming winter.

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