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Houston TX Chimney Repairs - Masonry Repairs

Masonry Chimney Repairs in Houston TXGuardian certified chimney professionals are experienced and well-trained when it comes to rebuilding your chimney or repairing masonry throughout homes in Houston and neighboring counties and towns such as Atascocita TX, Brenham TX, Montgomery TX, Magnolia TX, Conroe TX, Hempstead TX, Houston TX, Huntsville TX, Katy TX, Kingswood TX, Livingston TX, Pasadena TX, Spring TX, Sugar Land TX, The Woodlands TX, Tomball TX, and many more towns beyond the Greater Houston area.

When you need your chimney masonry repaired or rebuilt, Guardian’s chimney experts are proud to get the work done quickly and accurately, following all Houston TX regulations to ensure that the work is done right the first time.  We take great pride in our work, and our experts have over twenty years of experience in quality and workmanship at the highest level in our field so your fireplace is beautiful and works perfectly, year in and year out.

Major masonry work may be frustrating for our customers.  An inspection may reveal that while the outside of the chimney looks sturdy and well-maintained, the interior is in need of repair.  Masonry repairs are nothing to be frustrated by; Billy Little and the Guardian certified chimney professionals know not only the chimney structure, but also the venting regulations, chimney liners, and ways for your chimney to reach optimal performance for Houston homeowners.

Our experts can repair the masonry from the inside out and rebuild the chimney, starting from the bottom until your chimney is restored to perfection.

Residents in Houston can confidently talk to our experts about how we can help by rebuilding chimneys, repairing crowns, tuckpointing mortar, rebuilding fireboxes, and installing chimney liners.

Houston TX Chimney Crowns RepairedChimney mortar is durable, but needs to be inspected and periodically repaired.  We use a process called tuckpointing, where we replace the mortar and restore the masonry to its original condition.  This is among one of our most common, yet most important, services routinely performed in the Greater Houston area.  When it isn’t maintained and replaced, moisture gets into the mortar and causes cracks to form, eventually leading to a breakdown in masonry.

The chimney may start to lean or crumble, and chimney rebuilding will become an immediate priority for Houston homeowners.  One way to avoid this is to maintain a strong chimney crown, which keeps moisture out of the mortar and masonry.

Finally, we know the proper chimney liner and firebox for Houston TX residents.  We keep the liner free of cracks and other deterioration to protect Houston homes from hot gases from the fire and funneling dangerous gasses and fumes outside, and if a partial teardown is required, we will provide Houston homeowners the perfect liners, whether clay, metal, or cast-in-place during the rebuilding process.  Our experts also will also rebuild fireboxes with high temperature resistant mortar and brand new fire bricks.

If your chimney or firebox is in need of repair in Houston, give us a call to have our certified chimney professionals restore it today.

Houston TX Chimney Sweeps offer repair solutions for a number of chimney problems including chimney masonry repair, liner installation, firebox rebuilding, and more.

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