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Houston TX Fireplace Insert & Stove Installations

Houston TX Insert Installation

Our certified chimney professionals install a variety of gas and wood fireplace inserts, wood stoves, and pellet stoves in Greater Houston area homes including Conroe, Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball, Humble, Baytown, Pasadena, Pearland, Sugar Land, Bayview, and Angleton TX.

Houston homeowners looking for an aesthetically pleasing and cost-efficient way to heat their homes should consider having our experts install a top rated fireplace inserts and free-standing stoves.  Both stylish and efficient, inserts and stoves can be tailored to fit any size home and décor, whether modern or old-fashioned, sleek or rustic.  Our customers in Houston TX and surrounding towns can even choose the type of fuel they prefer, whether wood, gas, or pellet. Our chimney professionals and home service specialists perform installation for all major brands!

Fireplace Inserts Installed in Houston

Fireplace inserts are an excellent upgrade to open burning fireplaces.  Our experts in Houston TX and Conroe TX can easily install a modern insert that is affordable to install and extremely energy efficient.  Modern inserts have new and improved technology that makes them extremely effective at heating your home.  Traditional wood burning fireplaces are around 10% efficient, whereas when those traditional fireplaces are fitted with an insert, the efficiency jumps to around 80%, allowing you to efficiently heat more of your home. A fireplace insert allows you to gain more heat out of your existing open fireplace by closing it off while simultaneously adding to the innate beauty of your home, no matter your particular style.

Wood Stove Installations

Wood stoves grant the unforgettable aroma and ambiance of a fireplace while having the added benefits of a stove that acts like a furnace.  Houston homeowners who choose wood stoves will find them highly efficient, not only using wood, a renewable resource, but only requiring one-third the amount of fuel as a traditional fireplace.  Unlike wood stoves of the past, recent wood stove models are EPA certified to meet high air quality standards. Newer wood stoves produce very few emissions, which allows the harmful byproducts produced by fire to be burned up rather than be released into the environment, and reduces creosote buildups in Houston TX chimneys.

Pellet Stove Installation Services

Pellet stoves offer a green option to help heat your home and save Houston homeowners money.  Rather than using wood and logs that could potentially bring insects into the home, pellet stoves use pellets made from materials that would typically end up in a landfill such as saw dust, wood chips and bark. By using remnant products from wood mills throughout the greater Houston area, products that would often be thrown away are transformed into a renewable resource that can efficiently and cleanly heat your home.

Houston TX Gas Log Sets InstalledGas Log Installations Houston TX

Our chimney sweeps can turn your boring, inefficient worn out fireplace into a convenient, easy to use fireplace with a brand new set of gas logs. Not only do we sell some of the top brands of beautiful & realistic gas log sets but we also provide full, professional installation. Get the authentic look of a burning fire without the hassle or upkeep of a traditional wood burning fireplace.

Houston TX Chimney Company provides full professional installation of fireplace inserts and heating stoves for local residents and business owners.

Contact the pros at Guardian Chimney Sweep, LLC for all of your hearth & heating needs including installation of a new hearth appliance.

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